Counting down…

We are all waiting, it seems, waiting for Wednesday’s list of Breeders’ Cup pre-entries to come up…others, most notably Railbird , have written tantalizingly about the maybes and the probablys and the definitely nots, but finally, on Wednesday morning, the pre-entries will be published. Late Tuesday, the order of BC races was released.

In other BC news, Allen Jerkens’ fans, pay attention! Hanging out on Saturday morning and watching the NYC OTB channel (I can’t believe I just admitted that in public), Dan Illman of the Daily Racing Form and host Peter Rotondo discussed Teammate’s race in the Spinster at Keeneland on October 7th. She was a fast-closing third, a strong outing against good competition, and the commentators noted that as Allen Jerkens doesn’t generally like to ship his horses, he must have thought she was live going into the race; they pegged her as a live longshot in the Distaff, which makes those of us who have followed her quite happy.

This Saturday is New York Showcase Day at Belmont, a day of racing featuring New York-breds and New York products (fudge, cheese, etc.) being sold in the grandstand. Entries aren’t out yet, but Eric Donovan writes about Big Truck’s appearance in the Sleepy Hollow, comparing the horse to Funny Cide, who ran in the race five years ago. Like FC, Big Truck is trained by Barclay Tagg; like FC, Big Truck is coming off a win in the Bertram Bongard.

I head south on Wednesday for a conference and won’t return until late Saturday; I was hoping to catch some harness racing at Colonial Downs, but for some crazy reason, they don’t race on Friday nights. I hope to post more about the BC pre-entries and about Saturday’s Belmont races, but don’t know whether conference activities will permit it. Back on Sunday if not before…

One thought on “Counting down…

  1. Teresa, thanks for the link. I looked up Sargent Seattle and he’s been working regularly since August. So, why no races is a bit of mystery. His scintillating debut win last summer left me wanting more …

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