Be Bullish at the Big A

I forgot to enter Aqueduct SHOWdown last night (I know, I know—how could I write about it and then forget? But I did), and tried to do so from work today…but as it’s illegal to fund gambling in New York with credit cards, I needed my bank’s routing number…and as I didn’t have my checkbook with me, no go. I will, at some point, probably be grateful, but for now, I’m grumbling. I’d have picked Sherine (me and thousands of other people) and so I’d still be alive, but I’m not going to torture myself with picks over the next few days to see how I’d be doing.

Wednesday’s card began with a Pick 6 carryover of $154,615; unusually for Ed Fountaine, he wrote in today’s Post about gambling, instead of about racing. Taking a chance on the carryover, he listed his Pick 6 tickets, totaling $120. He was out in the second leg, despite being alive to five horses. This is going to sound like Schadenfreude, but it’s really not: when I read stories like this, and about Steve Crist not hitting the BC Pick 6 with a $5,000 ticket…well, I feel mighty relieved about going 2 for 8 on BC day, and about ending the Saratoga meeting about $200 down, and about ending the Belmont fall meet even. I mean, if people way smarter than I about handicapping, and who have much more time to handicap than I do, and who have much more money to bet than I do, can invest a lot and lose…I’m going to let myself off the hook a little.

You know how every once in a while a horse just stands out to you, and you ended up following him/her without knowing why? Be Bullish is one of those horses for me. He raced on the Brooklyn Handicap undercard at Belmont in September, and Kent Desormeaux muscled him up to win nicely in a maiden race. I was having a terrible day: it was rainy and muggy; I was there alone and the crowd was not a fun one to be alone in; I was losing money and decided NOT to bet Desormeaux, so of course he wins at 9-1. Needless to say, I was cranky, and I was almost hoping they’d take him down after an inquiry. They didn’t, and Be Bullish was less than impressive in his next start, the Sleepy Hollow. Eibar Coa rode him in that race, and in Thursday’s third, Coa takes off Be Bullish to ride Barclay Tagg’s Rollers, who broke his maiden first out at the end of the Saratoga meet, finished fifth in an ungraded stakes race at the Meadowlands, and was second to Smoke’n Coal in the ungraded Grand Slam on closing day at Belmont. C.C. Lopez rides Be Bullish on Thursday. Be Bullish may well be one of those horses who wins one great race and becomes ordinary after that, but for now, I’m still watching.

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