Yes to Polytrack…um, wait…maybe to synthetics…

It’s late and I’m cranky, because I just gave up a perfectly good evening to watch my beloved Blueshirts embarrass themselves for the second consecutive game, this time against Original Six rival Toronto. It was ugly, folks; it was ugly. The Canadian National Anthem was by far the most pleasant part of the evening.

So I’m going to defer analysis/discussion of this topic until tomorrow, but I wanted to highlight two pieces in today’s on-line The Blood-Horse: this piece, at the top of the page, in which racetracks execs from Arlington, Turfway, Delmar, and Keeneland (all tracks with Polytrack) laud this synthetic surface.

And this piece, at the bottom of the page, a cautionary commentary on the use of synthetics. Bravo to The Blood-Horse for putting two somewhat dissenting pieces on this topic on the same page.

More on this topic tomorrow…I will say, it would have been nice if the Arizona panel had included people without a vested financial interest in the success of Polytrack. Where oh where are the independent studies of these new surfaces, that will provide people in the industry with much-needed information about their safety and viability?

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