5 thoughts on “Worlds colliding

  1. Love the photo !! Glad the chair made throught the baggage department at the airline – ours barely made it out of the track.Bring that warm weather back with you !

  2. Confession: The day that I got that chair at Saratoga, it went straight into my trunk, where it has lain ever since, emerging only when my VW and I arrived in Florida on Friday.I am one of those New Yorkers who thinks that my trunk’s main function is as an extra closet. =)

  3. I’m worse than Teresa — mine is still in the back seat of my pickup! I wonder what they ended up going for on ebay? In reality, its a chair without a lot of utility!

  4. Mitch: when I get in the car to head back north this weekend, the chair will go back in the trunk, where it will stay, in all likelihood, until next summer. Having sat in it for several hours at the beach, I can with authority say that it’s not built for long-term comfort. I still like it, though.Lynda: not a word. Surprised me a little.

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