Outright thievery

Not much in the way of original thinking in tonight’s post, so I’m lucky that there’s a lot of news out there worth sharing:

Handride and an anonymous commenter share some cool intersections between language, New York City, and horse racing. Brooklyn blogger that I am, I feel entitled—nay, compelled—to steal the stuff and post it here.

In today’s NY Daily News, Jerry Bossert shares some grim news about equine injuries at Aqueduct in 2008; in the ten days of racing, seven horses have been vanned off. Sunday, Dani Tim Boy was the second horse euthanized as a result of an injury during racing; Who What Win was the first. “According to New York Racing Association officials, this falls in line with statistics on this grim stat collected over the last few years” (Bossert). I’ve always heard that the inner track at Aqueduct is among the safer racing surfaces, but this, folks, is not good news, not good news at all.

In cheerier news, the folks at Steeplechase Times/Saratoga Special bring you a Derby Fantasy game; from the e-mail I received today:

Pick 10 3-year-olds, two trainers and two jockeys for your stable. Any
3-year-old is eligible…Sit back and watch. We’ll keep score and update the
standings on our web site… Standings will be determined by the stable that
accrues the most prize money during the Triple Crown prep season.

More information is here; register by January 31st.

Sunday’s New York Times featured an article on the front page of the sports section about a former jockey who is “The Keeper of the Silks” for New York racing. Louis Olah’s been working at NY tracks for more than sixty years, first as a jockey and now as the man who makes sure that the jockeys don’t go out in mud-covered silks.

Welcome to the two newest members of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance, The Aspiring Horseplayer and Power Cap.

Finally, if I were as wrong about something in my job as the local “meteorologists” were around here today, I’d be unemployed. They spend the weekend raising the hopes of every child in New York City (and OK, a few teachers, too) for a snow day, and we wake up this morning with nary a flake in sight. Unconscionable, I tell you.

2 thoughts on “Outright thievery

  1. Awe – thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. It’s great to join you guys! Even more importantly, thanks for the info on the fantasy game! 10 three year olds? I’m salivating….absolutely salivating! In all seriousness, it’s great to be part of the TBA and I hope my contributions are worthy of being accepted. I plan on doing a “I’ve been accepted into the TBA” post soon….just stuck at the office on long hours at the moment, more’s the pitty. 🙂 Kevin (The Aspiring Horseplayer)

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