Back from the Wilderness

On late Saturday afternoon, following a delightful day in Manhattan with my parents, I headed for my cozy Brooklyn apartment, ready to curl up with my trusty laptop and get caught up on the days’ news, with heavy emphasis on the Sunshine Millions.

To my horror, my Internet connection was down, and I have spent much of my time since then (it’s a good thing I had to go to work this morning) shutting down and restarting; repairing the Internet connection; pampering my laptop, pleading with it, and finally pouting, as clearly nothing I could do was going to connect with me with the Great Big World Wide Web.

I’ve logged more hours on the phone with Time Warner Cable than I care to admit, and I think that I only completely lost it once; fortunately, a wondrous customer service rep named Bobbie brought me back from the ledge, with the promise of a Monday evening service call.

Which as you can see worked.

And so I’m back. I am dreadfully behind in news of all kinds, but particularly that on the racetrack, so I’ll take the next twenty-four hours to get caught up and be back anon. Until then, these thoughts:

–A commenter recently asked about Saratoga Russell, and inquired as to why we’ve heard nothing about upcoming races, and why he didn’t make an appearance in the Sunshine Millions. I have no answers but will try to get some; he has been working out in Florida, going four furlongs in: 48 flat on Sunday at Palm Meadows.

Aqueduct SHOWdown makes its return on February 14th (and really, is there anything more romantic than throwing down a little wager?); for a $10 entry fee, you pick one horse a day to finish on the board. If you hit, you play on; if you lose, you’re out. This renewal of the contest goes for about a month; I play pretty much every time, convincing myself that it’s really not so hard to pick just ONE horse to finish in the money…and I’ve yet to make it out of the first week. May you have better luck than I.

–Among the casualties of my expulsion from Internet paradise have been both my blog and Madison and Floyd’s picks. A little frantic late on Sunday morning, with three cat horse picks up for grabs on the card that day, I contemplated my options: call a friend and get her to post the picks for me? (Way too much trouble to explain Blogger over the phone.) Implore a fellow TBA-er to take care of it? (Really, such an imposition on a Sunday morning.)

Racing rules decreed that if I somehow didn’t manage to record these picks, at least one of them would come in. I rather thought that getting them down would ensure the opposite…but for once, the racing gods rewarded earnestness, and below, you see the result.

We threw out Crispy Cat in the seventh; Floyd went with Kitty Nip in the first, while Madison took Sea Cat in the 9th. And wouldn’t you know? Madison hits, with Sea Cat paying $9.30. She gets solo photo rights, and we are all very, very relieved that the powerful juices of the Internet are flowing back into our Brooklyn abode…

2 thoughts on “Back from the Wilderness

  1. Welcome back to the Internet! Wynn’s offering 150-1 on Saratoga Russell for the Derby. It was almost enough to tempt me into a future wager.

  2. Saratoga Russell had a bit of a stomach bug in January, which delayed his training a bit. He is now training well and will look to run in an allowance race in Feb. We expect him to do well. Then he will be going into Stakes company and hopefully get enough earnings to qualify for the Triple Crown races.

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