The Standings, round 2

It’s a good thing that I’m interested in the philanthropic end of this little Derby fantasy game, because if all that kept me going was the prospect of winning, I’d be a miserable woman. Despite gaining points with Zito and Cornelio in the Sam Davis, I remain last in our field of seven. This week’s most improved goes to Sleipnir, who jumps from 136th place to 51st. I’m envious.

51. Sleipnir Stables………….593,250
54. Trip’s Triple Crown Stable…580,500
68. Quinella Castle…………..538,250
80. Stafford Stable…………..503,250
108. Superterrific Stables……..428,250
138. Sec Bar Stable……………343,250
157. Brooklyn Backstretch……..256,150

Thanks again to Dana at Green but Game for coordinating our standings, and to Brian Nadeau at ST Publishing, from whose game we’re poaching. Remember: whoever finishes first gets a minimum of $65 donated to the racing charity of his/her choice. ST Publishing has just re-designed its site, and it looks terrific. Info on the Derby game is on the left side of the screen, under “Take Ten Derby Game.”

On Wednesday, the California Horse Racing Board, the same folks who brought you mandated synthetic tracks, is holding a forum on the subject. The Blood-Horse lists the participants as well as some of the issues that will be discussed; participants include trainers, jockeys, synthetic surface manufacturers, vets, and owners. Those so inclined can watch a webcast.

One of the (many) reasons that I don’t do so well in fantasy leagues (hockey included) is that I have way too many subjective rules that I set for myself: in hockey leagues, I refuse to put any Devils or Islanders on my team. I don’t care if that’s a strategic blunder; I’d rather lose than win with the enemy. (And let’s please, please not talk about Tuesday night’s Rangers game. Please.)

I made several sentimental choices in my Derby leagues, and while a couple of them may well turn out OK (not that I would mention them here, which would liberate the jinx–and frankly, I do hold responsible for the loss those Rangers fans who considered the game over at 5-0), one of them is looking like a very, very bad decision, and that is Numaany, the spirited colt who caught our attention last November when he jumped to the right in the stretch, with the race firmly in hand, only to recover, re-gather, and re-surge to the lead. He was whisked off to Dubai, and we saw him next last week, finishing fifth in a race there. I haven’t found a ton of coverage, and perhaps he just needed this race after not racing since November, but perhaps I was just a wee bit impulsive throwing him into my stable. What was that New Year’s resolution about not letting my heart rule my handicapping? Sigh.

6 thoughts on “The Standings, round 2

  1. Dang, Crown of Thorns is out, now I’m down to 9 horses from here on out. So much for my beginner’s luck, it’s starting to wear off!

  2. Brag, I would never have thought to brag. I’m just totally amazed I’m doing so well! I would never have thought it especially with people that handicap more regularly and far better skills than I, let alone follow the races more closely.

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