Spitzer Day at the Big A

I’m not particularly inclined to discourse much about the shenanigans of the Honorable Eliot Spitzer, but in perusing today’s Aqueduct entries, we have:

Race 1: Divorce Court

Race 2: Fast Million and E Z Dollar

Race 3: All Night Labor

Race 4: Skipping Class

Race 5: Mister Alimony

Race 6: Yes It’s the Truth

Race 7: Too Tired Tonight

Race 8: Bad Streak

Race 9: Pay the Judge

Kind of reminds me of a found poem.

This week’s Take Ten! standings should be up within a day—I am not optimistic, and now must decide which horses to add to my Run to the Roses stable. It may well be much too late to make up any ground, and I stubbornly resist adding Pyro (I hate being a bandwagon jumper). Which miracle horse is going to come out of nowhere and help me leapfrog to the top of the standings?

In one piece of good news about the standings, I just received another contribution, so my original $50 donation has now grown to $125–thanks so much to everyone who’s pitched in.

4 thoughts on “Spitzer Day at the Big A

  1. I’m like you but with War Pass instead of Pyro (I already have him in my stable). I’m still not convinced that he will go the distance, or at least with major competition, of which he hasn’t had to date. The horses that have bombed in my stable are Monba, Anak Nakal, Stevil and Riley Tucker. Kodak Kowboy is out of the Derby, according to Sunday’s paper, and of course in my stable. I was really wanting to add Saratoga Russell but I hated that he had breathing problems and wishing him back racing soon.Decisions, decisions. Too bad there’s no horses running with tax season or accounting name references then I could just “hunch” bet them and be done with it. I have until when to decide? Oh gosh, I think I’ll just go and do corporate returns and not think about it for another day!

  2. You tabbed a $26.40 winner and a$23.80 winner on that list. I wish I could’ve thrown $2 on each horse. Would’ve been a big flat-bet profit!!

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