Sunday morning quick picks

The good news is that my Comely picks yesterday (Sherine, Ready for Fortune, and Elusive Lady) finished 1-2-3. The exacta paid $99.50, the tri $334.50.

You know what the bad news is: I didn’t bet it. My NYRA account was tapped out by bets I’d made for a friend and for my father, and I didn’t call a friend at the track to make the bet for me. Ouch. Lesson learned.

As of this morning, the complete list of standings for the Take Ten! Derby game still isn’t complete for the April 5th races, which is why I haven’t posted any updates. A partial list is up, and Stafford Stables is the new leader, followed by Sleipnir Stables. Sorry, Trip–maybe I did jinx you? If/when a full list goes up, I’ll be sure to post it. I have no idea when we might expect the standings for yesterday’s races.

The Village Voice, of all papers, ran a feature on the Belmont Child Care Association last week. It’s great to see the BCCA getting press outside of the racing world, and here’s hoping that the coverage garners some additional funding for the organization. As one might expect, the piece in the Voice is a little edgier than what we’ve seen in other media.

In other Anna House news, this year’s benefit will be held in Saratoga on Wednesday, August 20th in Saratoga. The honorees are Todd and Tracy Pletcher, and ads in the benefit program are on sale now. If you, your organization, your company would like to purchase an ad, please contact me at or the BCCA at Ad prices range from $75 for a name listing to $600 for a full page ad.

Continuing the theme of philanthropy: Kentucky residents and fans of Old Friends, this one’s for you. Old Friends is looking for volunteers for their Sausage Sizzle, Monday, April 28th through Thursday, May 1st, 5 am to 10 am. Yes, that’s right: 5 am to 10 am. Old Friends is one of the five charities selected by My Racing Heart, the new foundation of the Louisville Thoroughbred Club, to receive financial gifts. The LTC is a racing partnership formed by Manny Cadima, who recognizes that many of the LTC’s horses will need a dignified retirement, and he has been working with Old Friends president Michael Blowen to achieve that end.

The charities represented in the My Racing Heart foundation will serve breakfast to the media from 5:30 to 10 a.m. each morning on the Churchill Downs backside. Volunteers will distribute brochures, answer questions, take donations for the food, and talk about Old Friends and thoroughbred retirement. If you’re interested in volunteering and hanging out at the most exciting place in the racing world, please contact Old Friends as soon as possible. You can contact More information can be found at the Louisville Thoroughbred Club.

Please don’t forget about Take Back the Race! petition, in which we ask the folks at Breeders’ Cup to re-consider the renaming of the Distaff and moving all the filly and mare races to Friday. We’re thrilled that Dawn Schosberg recently joined the ranks of our supporters.

And finally: as a long-time Rangers fan, I can’t feel confident even with a 2-0 lead coming home. That said, I’m looking forward to being at the Garden tonight for game 3, with 18,199 other Rangers’ faithful. In Friday’s game, Christian Backman, whose smelly jersey is draped over a chair in my living room, took out a few of Devil Zach Parise’s teeth. Hey, I guess if you don’t score goals…

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning quick picks

  1. First, great picking yesterday.Second, no comment about not betting it.Third, if I ever pick seven or eight in a row or more, will you, Jessica, Dana and Carol all be fighting for the rights to the shirt I wear that day? I tend to go jogging, to various OTBs, after I handicap, so the shirt will be way “ready” by the feature race.

  2. Well to add to the jinx, I told you that whatever horse I didn’t activate in my RttR would win the Bluegrass…guess what? Monba, did. I fretted over activating Stevil and Monba and decided to go with Stevil instead. Stupid, stupid, me. The upside was out of all the horses I had I did get the show. After just working a 70+ hour week, I was hoping for some good news and to get a break! But after tomorrow checking in to see if I have any last minute items to finalize, I’m done! I can kiss 2008 tax season goodbye! But beware I’m back to reading more and posting more!!

  3. Tom: gruesome loss last night.Trip: Welcome back!Ernie: If you ever pick seven or eight in a row, we’ll be after more than your sweaty clothing!

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