Game 4: Rangers 5, Devils 3

At least one regular reader will note with dismay that this post has nothing to do with horse racing. But hey, it was a momentous game, I just got home, and it’s too late and I’m too tired to write anything with some clever (or not) connection between hockey and horse racing. So I go to bed one happy woman, and I’ll get back to the racing later today.

Photo used without permission from The New York Post. Credit to Reuters, and please don’t be mad at me for using it.

2 thoughts on “Game 4: Rangers 5, Devils 3

  1. As the regular reader who will note that Brooklynbackstretch has morphed into Blue Shirts Central (which the author hopes it remains through June), I am well aware that blogs, unlike newspaper beats, allow the writer to venture away to wherever they like from the topic at hand. Blogs are for writers, not readers, so until this whole thing blows over — and I do like hockey — I will join the team and say, ‘Go Rangers!’- J.S.

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