The Road to the Belmont, and elsewhere

Brooklyn Backstretch is going a little random as the school year comes to a close. In an example of bad timing, I head out of town this morning for four days of community service with our senior class—fun and rewarding, a great way to end the year, but not the best way to stay on top of things as we head to the Belmont. I can be happy, at least, that this year, unlike 2004, the prom and the Belmont don’t fall on the same day.

2004 was my first Belmont Stakes. Somehow, my brother ended up with an extra ticket; he brought me and I brought my prom gear, into which I changed after the races in the then-empty (for the first time all day!) women’s bathroom. It was a little weird emerging from the bathroom in party clothes…

…but not as weird as a short time later, when, having despaired of making it onto the LIRR in time to make it to the prom, I got my brother to drop me off at an empty Shea Stadium so that I could catch the 7 train back into Manhattan. It was dark and I had heels on, and there I was, running through the parking lot and up to the platform, in a desperate and ultimately fruitless attempt to get to the prom before all the kids left.

Like I said, at least it’s not like 2004. And like I said, Brooklyn Backstretch is going random.

In other news, far more relevant news:

In a confluence that, unsurprising though it is, nonetheless makes me quite happy, Evening Attire is running in the Brooklyn Handicap this Friday. Evening Attire in the Brooklyn! Two great tastes…

I don’t think that I’ll make it out there to see him, but oh, I am tempted.

The Allen Jerkens-trained filly Duchess of Rokeby returns to the races on Thursday, while her stablemate Mrs. Holden makes her second start on Friday.

And if anyone’s got a little extra cash and time this week, don’t forget about the Belmont Child Care Association benefit this Thursday. Honoring Rags to Riches, Todd Pletcher, and John Velazquez, this casino-themed party will raise funds for the BCCA and the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. I will be on my way home with 72 teenagers, so I unfortunately can’t attend, but I hope that some of you can make it.

2 thoughts on “The Road to the Belmont, and elsewhere

  1. “It was a little weird emerging from the bathroom in party clothes…”What a photo!You should be presenting the trophy Friday. And Evening Attire, perfectly named given the theme of the piece and your history with proms—he should make the Brooklyn Handicap photo, win or lose.

  2. Afleet Alex was the most impressive Belmont winner I ever saw in person. And then — poof! — gone..– J.S.I just had a deja vu writing that.

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