37 more days…

The gates were open, offering a clear and tempting view inside…

For some reason, I love the sight of these picnic tables stacked, waiting patiently to be distributed around the yard. Anonymous, lowly wooden tables for ten and a half months of the year, come July 23rd, they are among the most prized real estate in Saratoga…

The view outside the fence on Nelson Avenue…

An opportunity to help by building beds for the backstretch workers, sponsored by B.E.S.T.

See you at the Spa…

3 thoughts on “37 more days…

  1. Is it really only 37 days to go…I just found the dobber I used for Bingo in St Clements Church Hall 2 summers ago…. Are large parts of the city still dug up because of the sewer works?I know 2 weeks ago-Frank Sullivan way was all dug up and apparently large sections of Broadway and around the rest of the city.The city is normally good at completeing these kind of works on deadline-but I hope that they’re all finished well before the Ballet season starts.

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