Rated R

The first piece of news I heard this morning was that George Carlin had died. This is not ordinarily something that would catch my attention, but it did today, because thanks to the comments of a few regular readers, it seems that my generally PG-rated blog turned into a porn site in my absence yesterday. Serves me right for escaping NY for a day to go upstate and ride horses, instead of staying home and writing about them.

OK, OK, I started it with the Willy Wank stuff, but the comments far out-did the original post, particularly a slew (yes, Ernie, pun intended, just for you) by Mr. Munick.

For a variety of reasons, the most compelling of which are the cleverness of the comments and the fact that my trip upstate yesterday got me home far past my usual bedtime, I am posting them herewith, for your reading enjoyment. Feel free to count the double entendres…

Ernie Munick: Years ago, Al’s Pud was always hard to beat. Remember the mare Cold as a Witch’s? She dropped the mammorable Titular Feast. Afternoon Delight performed long before the Panty Raid and Peter’s Puddles. Isitingood raced for Mike Pegram but, to correct the record, Size Matters was not trained by Dick Small. So, I believe, Willy Wank is a stroke of genius. As a racehorse he held his own, and I wonder if he was pensioned in Palm Springs.I need to a get a grip.

Tom D: Anyone remember Grade 2 winner Bodacious Tatas in the 1990s? [Anyone remember the movie from which this phrase came?]

Ernie: I knew I was forgetting a couple!!!I’m fairly sure BT was also from Cold as a Witch’s. And there was at least one more. But perhaps we should stop milking the family’s good name.

J.S.: Rock Hard Ten

Ernie: !@*%#@!, I can’t beLIEVE I forgot Rock Hard Ten. Imagine if that Stud Muffin came from behind against Honey Ryder and All Night Labor in the Poker or Longfellow? Giuliani may be summoned to do to Brooklyn what he did to Times Square.

The boys were having fun, weren’t they? The comments might not come close to Carlin, but it sure seems like the FCC had a better idea of what was acceptable and what was not than the Jockey Club.

Elsewhere yesterday, two anonymous commenters pointed out that the reasons that NYC OTB doesn’t show non-NY racing while there’s live racing in New York, and that NYRA is not at the moment offering video replay on its website, are regulatory/contractual. I apologize for not having made clearer that I understood this part of the deal—what is not clear to me is WHY. What does NYC OTB lose that other OTB channels don’t by showing non-New York racing? And how/why can NYRA be prevented from showing replays of content of which it is the sole producer?

As noted at Green but Game over the weekend, Numaany is back in training in the United States; he’s on my DRF watch list and I meant to post this last week. On June 13th, Dan Illman had the colt on his disabled list due to lameness after the UAE Derby. Odd, because Numaany posted a workout the next day. That he is at Keeneland suggests to me that he is no longer in the care of Kiaran McLaughlin (who was, I believe, his trainer last fall), but as usual, I turn up nothing when I try to find out in whose barn the colt is now. If you know, please pass it on.

6 thoughts on “Rated R

  1. Numaany was trained by tom Albertrani. He generally trains for Darley (Sheikh Mohammed) and McLaughlin generally trains Shadwell horses.My guess is that he’s with one of Saeed Bin Suroor’s assistants and may move to Saratoga. He’s still listed on the Godolphin website as one of their horses-and I think that any horse listed on that website is trained by Suroor-even if he’s based 3500 miles away in Newmarket 99% of the time

  2. Hey Teresa, I was at the Keeneland website looking over the clockers reports and came across a horse named…MISS BROOKLYN BYou might have to keep an eye out for her (I assume its a filly/mare). Might make a good hunch bet sometime ;).

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