Tuesday morning quick picks

Congratulations to la famille Jerkens for their exacta in Sunday’s Dwyer. Jimmy got the win with Mint Lane, while père Allen took second with longshot Tizbig. Another of the Chief’s Middleburg alumnae, Mrs. Holden, joined stablemates Duchess of Rokeby and Above All Odds on the racetrack, finishing second in her second start. Twice it looked like she might be the winner–once in the run to the wire and once when the inquiry sign up. More than one observer thought that winner Catty Madeline would be taken down, but the result stood and Mrs. Holden settled for second.

And speaking of the Jerkens family, mère Elisabeth is one of the featured speakers at the unfortunately named Diva Day on Saturday, July 19th, the penultimate day of the Belmont meet. The program itself sounds terrific; trainer Linda Rice and owner/breeder Elisabeth will speak on a panel, and having listened to Elisabeth talk about breeding, I’d say that participants are in for a treat. Your $50 ticket price will get you box seats, a buffet lunch, a program, a handicapping seminar, and visits to the paddock and winner’s circle. The feature that day is the Grade I Coaching Club American Oaks for three-year-old fillies, hence the female tie-in. It’s a great idea and it sounds like a great program, but why oh why does the flyer have to look like a scene from Sex and the City, and why oh why do we have to be demeaned by being called “divas”?

In other women in racing news, Tuesday marked the launch of the Self Appointed Fan Committee, a joint endeavor of Dana at Green but Game and Jessica at Railbird. Eager for an outlet to voice your thoughts on how can racing can be improved? Here’s your chance.

Two other recently launched sites are giving me some reading pleasure these days. One of them features a trenchant and funny take-off on the Declaration of Independence:

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to
dissolve the parimutuel bands which have connected them with another, and to
assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which
the laws of the Federal Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 entitle them, a
decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the
causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all bettors are created equal, that they are endowed by the Congress with certain unalienable rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of the Pick Six carryover.

Go to Gathering The Wind to read further…

The other is by The Rail contributor and law student Kerry O’Neill, who focuses on the legal issues in racing, recently posting a discussion of the laws behind Steve Asmussen’s and Richard Dutrow’s medication positives. Check out The Thoroughbred Brief.

Finally, welcome to a number of new Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance writers, all of whom have joined up in the last month or so:

The Business of Racing, written by The Rail contributor Steve Zorn, manager of a New York racing partnership
Celebrating The Horse, by Maryjean Wall, offering “uplifting stories about racing and the equine world”
Colin’s Ghost, focusing on the history of racing
Equispace, an East (Saratoga) meets West (Buffalo) look at racing
Equineproject, a look at racing current events
Go Girl Racing, a look at the world of Filipino racing
The Saratoga Sire, racing news and opinions
They’re In The Gate, a focus on Saratoga

5 thoughts on “Tuesday morning quick picks

  1. Agreed-The program sounds informative and a great day at the track at a nice price point of $50.00….but NYRA goofed on the naming of the day.

  2. di·va n. pl. di·vas or di·ve (-vā) 1. An operatic prima donna. 2. A very successful singer of nonoperatic music: a jazz diva. [Italian, from Latin dīva, goddess, feminine of dīvus, god; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots.] Well, unless Joanne Jones is going to belt out a few show tunes between, I don’t think diva was a great choice.But, given how many women have railed against The Ladies Classic, I don’t think Ladies Day would’ve pleased you either. Personally, I liked the advertisement and the price is right at $50. Take full advantage of it.For us guys, there’s always the Heineken Cigar Luncheon at Monmouth Park on August 2 which includes lunch, open bar, five premium cigars, a gift bag of goodies and door prizes for $100. And, on August 16, Monmouth hosts the Around the World Wine Luncheon (in the air conditioned Turf Club) with lunch, wine tasting and a gift bag full of goodies for $75.

  3. If Brooklyn Backstretch didn’t make enough money betting Catty Madeline to open her own stable, she might never again have such a chance. CATTY MAD!! The Gods were handing Teresa a blank check!!!!

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