Ready for my close-up

Jessica Chapel of Railbird and I have been invited to appear on Call to the Post with Seth Merrow of Equidaily tomorrow (Monday) at 9:45 am on the Capital OTB channel. Capital Region residents can watch on Time Warner cable channel 12; those outside the region can view the program (and all other Capital OTB programming) streaming live. Click on “View it LIVE” (as if you couldn’t figure that out for yourself).

We’ll be talking about how the internet has changed the relationship between the racing game and the fans, and the segment is supposed to last about fifteen minutes. Wish us luck!

10 thoughts on “Ready for my close-up

  1. I can’t think of two better representatives of the bloggering fan base, Goog Luck. Any chance it will wind up on YouTube?

  2. Winston, I’m not sure that those are the most auspicious words to offer in the context of horse racing…=)John: in my worst nightmares!Thanks to all for the good wishes…

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