Belmont reality TV

The, ahem, rigors of the last few weeks have finally caught up with me: having traveled to Lexington and Saratoga since the beginning of the month, and with the Rangers’ season and its attendant obligations having begun, I had no choice but to stay home today, firmly rooted to my couch, and attack the pile of papers that has been inexorably building up.

Fortunately, Sunday afternoon sports TV is excellent background noise for grading, and I intended to flip between football and racing as I tackled senior essays.

That intention lasted only until the sixth at Belmont, when Rosie’s Run won, paying $19.80—and my thoughts, as did, I am sure, those of many others watching, from home, in OTB’s, and at the track, turned to the possibility of a quadruple Pick 6 carryover.

That was the end of football; I hear the Giants won.

All of a sudden, we had the best kind of reality, glued-to-the-set television that I’ve seen in a long time.

Grade a paper, listen to Blewitt and Serling opine on the difficulty of the next race.

Race 7: Counting House, $21.60

Grade a paper, watch another longshot come in.

Race 8: Munition, $49.00 (Guaranteed carryover now, right? Nobody had this combination, right?)

Grade a paper, watch as the prices of the Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s soar into quadruple digits.

Race 9: Thunders Dove, $5.70. (OK, maybe somebody will hit. Who’s alive?)

One guy, to the 3, the favorite, Dirty Water Dog, for a $1 million+ score.

And the favorite, unfortunately for that guy, lived up to his name; when Prime Obsession won the last race, paying $15.40, a whopping $1,019,102 was rolled into Wednesday’s pool.

I’ve never seen American Idol, Survivor, or Dancing with the Stars, but I’m with Mike Lupica when he says that sports are the real reality TV: no pre-determined outcome, a lot riding on who wins, and intense attention from fans, many of whom believe that they do in fact have an impact on the ending (please don’t ask me about my superstition rituals during the 1994 run to the Stanley Cup—but hey, they worked).

As I watched the tenth race, I found myself rooting against Dirty Water Dog, for reasons unclear to me; I don’t play the Pick 6 (though if any syndicates are out there looking for a little Wednesday investment, don’t hesitate to get in touch), so there was no element of self-interest riding on the outcome. I just wanted to see it go one more day, to see the story continue, and to me, this afternoon, a quadruple carryover was a better story than one guy—or woman–winning it all.

If you’d had a chance to vote on what happened, what would you have done? Gargantuan arryover or gargantuan winner?

One thought on “Belmont reality TV

  1. My buddy “Action” Andy and I are devilishly hoping the carryover somehow, some way can make it to Friday…Then we could watch as a $12 million carryover steals all the investment thunder from opening day-bacle of what used to be the world thoroughbred championships! I know – evil. Just a pipe dream.JS

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