A little meta in the morning

As I was writing yesterday’s post about a shortened racing season in New York, I found myself with plenty to say (shocker, that) but writing with a certain unease, unsure whether the presence of a rumor on a website and the absence of any other information on the topic was enough to merit its consideration. I sort of felt like those sportswriters who supposedly manufacture news of a possible trade, just to stir things up.

And I was particularly discomfited by the comment of fellow TBA writer Steve Zorn, who noted that the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association had weighed in with an opinion about whether NYRA actually had the authority to change racing dates.

I should have made much clearer that my musings were more hypothetical than real, and that there is no real information out there to suggest that any alteration of the current racing schedule is afoot, or better yet, I shouldn’t have written about it at all. The recent postings by Plonk and Moran had gotten me thinking about a winter racing break, and so I posted some idle thoughts about what it might be like. It was irresponsible, though, to suggest in any way that such a change, which would affect the livelihoods of hundreds of people, might occur.

On a much more pleasant New York racing note, Scott Schwartz’s Be Bullish followed up his decisive win a couple of weeks ago with a second consecutive victory in yesterday’s third race. When I talked to Schwartz last summer, he noted that he thought that the colt was finally beginning to figure out what to do on the track, and these last two victories would certainly indicate that.

Back to the unpleasantness, and to my losing ways at the Garden. Last night’s 6-3 loss to the Canucks was nothing less than unmitigated embarrassment. Ugh.

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