My Christmas wish list

A mix of the global and the local, in no particular order, and with an explicit belief in Christmas miracles…

…for the glory of the old races—the Suburban, the Brooklyn, the Triple Tiara—to somehow return.

…for Saratoga Russell to come back at four, and to be as fast and electric as he was before he was injured.

…for the Breeders’ Cup to realize that its current vision serves only itself, and for it to choose to serve racing as a whole.

…for Saratoga to remain exactly as it is.

…for folks to realize how much fun a day at the races is.

…for warm mornings and hot coffee on the backstretch.

…for Allen Jerkens to get another terrific filly.

…for horses I love to never get claimed.

…for all of them, humans and equines alike, always, to come home safely.

Please feel free to add yours…

8 thoughts on “My Christmas wish list

  1. BB The game is changing at a rapid rate. Hopefully, all for the good of the sport. We can only hope that the good historys repeat themselves.Have a blessed Christmas.

  2. to wake up every morning looking at the sun rising over the Oklahoma Training Track…… look at the track and say “There are just as many fans here as horseplayers”

  3. A horse that I can believe in that gives me goose bumps and whose connections I can admire. I want a “hero” in all aspects of the word. I’m so tired of so-so horses that are hyped to be the next super horse by sleazy connections. May everyone know the beauty of carot breath! Have a Merry Christmas, Teresa!

  4. For the racing world to acknowledge that the game is about the horse…the owners and trainers and the hard working back stretch people.Enjoy the little things in this game and you will be truly happy!

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