Wednesday morning quick picks from the road

A few random thoughts from New Orleans:

While in Lexington, I stopped at Keeneland, open for the winter for simulcasting, to watch the Gravesend on Saturday. It’s quite a busy place in the winter; in addition to simulcasting, at least two major life events were taking place:

Congratulations to all of those involved, and especially for having these momentous moments take place in the beauty of Keeneland!

The Keeneland shop was holding the last day of its Christmas sale on the ground floor of the clubhouse; prices were slashed 75%, and the place had pretty much been picked clean.

The main gift shop, though, was still stocked, and offering much in the way of discounts. Maryjean Wall has done a little virtual shopping, proffering gifts to many in the racing world…and I love my holiday present!

I placed a wager while at the track and was pleasantly reminded that while Keeneland uses the same betting machines as the NYRA tracks do, those at Keeneland go one better by printing the horse’s name on the ticket. For those like me who occasionally and catastrophically bet the wrong horse, for myself and for other people, such attention to detail is a life—and money!—saver. In this particular case, however, it might have done me good to bet the wrong race.

In news a little closer to home that I hope will make reader/commenter LJK happy, Confirmondi came back to win last Wednesday. He’d won his last start as well, but stumbled after the finish line, leading viewers to think he’d broken down. It appears that the stumble did him little harm, good news for those worried about him.

Today brings my first trip to the Fair Grounds, but my first day in the Crescent City was not bereft of equine inspiration; below are two photos from the Garden District, a pleasant reminder of why I have ventured 1300 miles from home…

A happy and safe New Year’s Eve to all…I will apparently be spending mine with this guy…

Photo credit: Matt Rose/The Times-Picayune Archive

8 thoughts on “Wednesday morning quick picks from the road

  1. Gee, he doesn’t look like such a bad guy. I’ve kissed worse at midnight. Just make sure he buys the drinks and champagne.A wedding at Keeneland would be great. Maybe I can talk one of my daughters into it in years to come.Odds are I’ll probably never get married again but my daughters have very specific instructions on where to scatter my ashes at Monmouth Park.Enjoy NOLA and the FG. It’s a track I’ve never seen so I look forward to your reports.Happy New Year.

  2. Indeed, I’m glad to hear about Confirmondi.I think NYRA could learn a thing or two from that Keeneland gift shop.Have fun at Fairgrounds and Jackson Square.

  3. I’m so glad you like your “virtual” gift from the Keeneland gift shop, Teresa! Hope you’re enjoying the continuation of the road trip as it winds through New Orleans.

  4. Make sure you stop at Cafe Du Monde in Jackson Square and have a beignet. I haven’t had one in years! Maybe you can bring me one back on your way home?Have a very Happy New Year’s and call if LV and I need to wire bail money! 😉

  5. I hope Papa Backstretch wasn’t phoning in last minute bets on the Gravesend.Skip the beignets, it’s crawfish season.Laissez les bon temps roulez.

  6. Considering ljk didn’t respond weeks ago when told Confirmondi did not break down, and jumped right from supposed glee that he won to a cheap shot at NYRA, one has to wonder if that poster really cares about the horse or just wants to use breakdowns in NY to further an agenda against NYRA.

  7. Thanks for the comments, folks. Will update this in a later post, but turns out, sadly, that the New Year’s Baby was a victim of Katrina, so he was a no-show last night. =( The beignets were amazing, but the coffee was better!Never made it to the crawfish, but shrimp, catfish, red beans, rice, sausage…check! Oh, yes, and some new clothes, as I’m rapidly outgrowing the current ones…

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