Photos from the Fair Grounds

Early in the morning, the empty paddock, being readied for the day…

Larry Jones working out one of his horses (check out that sweatshirt!) in the morning…

…and saddling one in the afternoon…

As seen on NYC OTB channel 71, John Dooley and Jessica Pacheco on the morning handicapping show…

And Jessica in the paddock, broadcasting throughout the grounds before each race…

Wednesday, a tale of two cities:

At the races: the fourth on Thursday, nicely-bred three-year-old maidens–just yesterday, we’d have called it a baby race; now they’re grown-up! Steve Asmussen’s Awesome Preacher takes it:

One race later, the break of a maiden claimer–check out the antics of the two, Boundary Zone:

On the jockey side: racing’s favorite reprobate on Doug O’Neill’s Lady On A Run….

…and just in case you ever wondered what the, ahem, back side of Jamie Theriot looked like:

2 thoughts on “Photos from the Fair Grounds

  1. The question is: What inspired you to wonder about the backside of Theriot?? :)I need to plan a Winter Sojourn like yours!

  2. I swear to God, Sue, I was just standing there in the paddock, minding my own business, and there he was right in front of me, his backside crying out to be read! What else could I do?Meet you at the Fair Grounds, New Year’s Day 2010?

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