Tuesday morning quick picks

After watching the first week of Jockeys and reading regular updates on subsequent episodes, I haven’t seen/read much that would inspire me to devote much of my viewing time to it.

Trust the Quinella Queen to find the little bit of literary wheat among all the chaff! The Internet’s best turf-loving librarian takes us behind the Aaron Gryder bookmark, and throws in a little poetry as well.

And speaking of the literary: I was recently constructing a test on which I asked students to answer eight of ten of this sort of question, ten of twelve of that sort of question. Knowing full well that a whole bunch of my students wouldn’t read the directions, and that they’d answer all ten, or all twelve, and that I’d only look at the first eight or ten, I gave careful thought to the placement of the questions. Should all the easy ones go first? Should I mix in a couple of hard ones, to guarantee that all students should have to work a little?

Contemplating the perfect sequence of questions, I had, for the first time, empathy for those charged with creating a Pick Six sequence. Maybe bettors should have the option of winning six of the last eight races?

Saturday at Aqueduct, the Rare Treat. Poor Rap Tale. She’s on the track, she’s feeling good, she knows she looks good, she’s ready to go. And then all of a sudden, she’s got a shoe catastrophe, she gets brand-new shoes, and she runs fifth. Of course. How on earth can a girl be expected to run in a brand-new pair of shoes? Everyone knows that she needs a little test run to break them in. She never had a chance.

Here’s this week Road to the Roses league table, though I confess that I’m a little suspicious of its accuracy, given that one of our number had Mayor Marv and his standing doesn’t seem to reflect that.

Participants: if you’ve got a website that you’d like me to link to your stable name, do let me know.

The pledges are coming nearly daily; we’re up to nearly $150, to the racing charity of the winner’s choice. Good luck this weekend!

1 Triple Crown73 Stable
1 The Aspiring Horseplayer Redux
1 Grevelis Racing Stable
1 Big Dreams Stable
5 TripleDeadHeat
6 Blake Griffin For President
7 Sleipnir Stables
7 Vision Stable
9 Brooklyn Backstretch
9 RivaSecBar
9 New Jersey Derek
9 BrooklynSaint Stables
9 FoolishPleasure
14 starkravingmad
15 Green but Game Stables
15 On the Lead
15 zf
18 Raceland

4 thoughts on “Tuesday morning quick picks

  1. There was a wager offered at Delaware Park and The Meadowlands that allowed the bettor to “choose six” races from among all remaining races on the day.It was only offered ON TRACK (simulcast players couldn’t play it) and thus tanked.

  2. The lack of distribution of racing signal in N America dooms pick 6 wagering to the “cartels”. Many countries offer similar bets and have distribution similar to lottery networks or in fact use lottery networks for distribution. In Puerto Rico, the Poolpote is available at over 800 locations. The v75 is available at lottery outlets in Sweden and Holland.

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