Thursday morning quick picks

Having been homebound with the flu this week, I unfortunately caught the dreadful spill in Wednesday’s second race at Aqueduct. Though the fallen horses and jockeys were visible on the screen for only a moment, John Imbriale’s voice, halting as he called the two horses of seven starters who crossed the finish line, told us all we needed to know: it was bad. So bad that later in the day on Aqueduct in 30, the racing recap show, NYRA showed only the stretch run, with the two finishers.

During their commentary between races, Jason Blewitt and Andy Serling shared as much as they knew: one jockey had been taken to the hospital, others were in first aid. No one knew the status of the horses, at least right away.

The news, detailed later by the Daily Racing Form, was better than one could hope for: one filly euthanized, the other four horses involved thought to be OK. None of the jockeys suffered any broken bones or significant injuries; two of them rode the rest of the card.

This incident, along with the horrifying harness accident at Woodbine earlier this week, discussed at Triple Dead Heat and Pull the Pocket, reminds us of the courage of the men and women who get on or behind unpredictable animals, in all kinds of weather, and urge them to go as fast as they can. Keith at Triple Dead Heat, writing about the Woodbine accident, eerily presaged yesterday’s race at Aqueduct: “It was a surreal stretch run as just two horses made their way towards the finish line.”

Along with the news of the relatively fortunate outcome of the accident today, the DRF also reports on the Hennegan brothers’ latest project. Fans of The First Saturday in May will be happy to learn than John and Brad are working on a project featuring Larry Jones, to be filmed through the Breeders’ Cup this year. Check out the article for more details.

And…save the date! This year’s Belmont Child Care Association benefit will take place on Wednesday, August 26th in Saratoga, one of the highlights of Travers Week. The 2009 honorees will be Kiaran McLaughlin and Edgar Prado, and this year, the BCCA party returns to its former home in the Gideon Putnam Hotel. If you’re interesting in becoming a sponsor or in donating auction items, please e-mail me (address to the left) or contact the BCCA directly.

2 thoughts on “Thursday morning quick picks

  1. Being a disabled Cop. One who was almost lost on duty.One that almost played Professional Hockey. One who tips his hat everyday that he handicaps any race any where. Sure the pay can be fantastic. So was mine. The Possibility that you don’t make it home after your shift. In the Jocks case after they’re race track duties are complete… I would not change one single item-The danger drove me–I am sure these courageous men and women feel the same way… To be so blessed to do what they love—-My LOVE has left me disabled— There are some we luv we root for we love who’s careers will be cut short from the inevitable accident..–That is not even considering the horse—-I am not cold nor callous–I just do not want to write a book–The sport is dangerous—Prayers-Love and I shall abstain in any negativity in these jocks that bring so much light in my day– Mz T I hope you feel better..pete

  2. Me reaacting elsewhere after seeing the incident:There was a breakdown in the 8th race at Aqueduct this afternoon. Russell Sheldon appeared to be OK. Other horses were able to avoid the injured horse, who rebounded, but looked to have a serious leg injury.It is always an ugly site that sucks the air out of spectators. The announcer had trouble completing the call.My mind set switches instantly from betting on saddle cloth numbers to feeling human-like pain. Seeing that leg flapping while the horse continues to try to compete upsets me terribly.

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