Tuesday morning quick picks

The big news this week is that last year’s winner and the leader so far this year, Triple Crown73 Stable, has been knocked from the top spot. She’s far too scary, though, to be counted out at this point—those in the #1 spot, keep your eyes out for her!

The current donation is $130, with at least two other pledges in the works.

1 Big Dreams Stable
1 BrooklynSaint Stables
3 Triple Crown73 Stable
4 Brooklyn Backstretch
5 Sleipnir Stables
5 Grevelis Racing Stable
7 RivaSecBar
7 The Aspiring Horseplayer Redux
9 TripleDeadHeat
10 Blake Griffin For President
11 Vision Stable
11 zf
13 starkravingmad
14 Green but Game Stables
14 New Jersey Derek
14 FoolishPleasure
17 On the Lead
18 Raceland

On a completely unrelated note, is anyone else having trouble reading the free parts of the Daily Racing Form online? For the last week or so, even when I click on a free story, I’m asked to enter my username and password. This is new, and bizarre, and annoying.

I’d never heard of the movie Let It Ride until a few months ago—don’t remember when it came out, and it’s not on anybody’s Top 10 list of great movies. It was lent to me by a friend, though, and I finally sat down to watch it last week.

Only a racing fan could like this movie, and it takes its chances even with that crowd. As someone who never saw Hialeah, I found it a treat to watch the scenes filmed there, and anything that shows morning workouts and the barn area is going to get a thumbs up from me. (Was Trevor Denman really the race caller at Hialeah?)

The plot, which centers on a man who is privy to information about a race being fixed, is fairly obvious and strains credulity, but it has its moments. The taped (yes, taped—on a cassette player. The movie was released in 1989) information on the details of the race is like porn to Richard Dreyfus’ character; he listens over and over and over, his pleasure in the knowledge seeming to nearly exceed his desire to make use of the information. It’s the longest foreplay I’ve seen in a movie where all the actors kept their clothes on (OK, except for maybe Meg Tilly. I don’t think that she can be considered to have been dressed at all, given the brevity of her clothing).

The acting is inexpressibly bad, even from the good actors, with the notable exception of Robbie Coltrane, who is terrific in his supporting role as a pari-mutuel clerk. I found myself zoning out and having to rewind on a couple of occasions, but given the relative dearth of movies set at the racetrack, you could do worse than to while away an hour and a half with Let It Ride, if you’ve got nothing better to do.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday morning quick picks

  1. How about a young Cynthia Nixon (Miranda on “Sex and the City”) sitting at the bar whining: “I am so CHEESED off about that jockey falling off the horse.”And Teri Garr (as hot as they came in the 70s and 80s) as Dreyfus’ neurotic wife.The paranoid Dreyfus hiding his winnings in his shoes. Classic.

  2. Still solidly in the middle, whew.Haven’t seen that movie in a long time. I may just need to dig up a copy at blockbuster or something.

  3. The film was written by ESPN’s Jay Cronley. He’s an excellent columnist and I defo recommend his work if you haven’t been following it…My TDH Stables is not performing well in this challenge. I may need a miracle to avoid the basement!CheersKeith

  4. Oh no! I'm now scary…….I don't think I ever wanted to be considered scary except maybe by my 15yo daughter's boyfriend ;>)

  5. I watched it last week for the first time after picking it up cheap for $10 at bn.com…I was wondering about your Denman question too…curious about that one…

  6. Hard to believe I’m tied for 1st after Breakwater Edison’s flop in the FOY and a disapointing 3rd out of Mr Fantasy last weekend. Now Big Drama is off the Derby trail, so not many live horses left in my Stable. With the FG and OP races this upcoming weekend, I’m sure there will be movement in the standings.

  7. Tom D: I knew I recognized but at first couldn’t place her…it came to me about a third of the way in.Linda: Make sure that you’ve got nothing better to do first!TDH: Not a chance. I’ll be at the bottom before you know it.TC: You are TOTALLY scary! Didn’t you go wire to wire last year? Equi: Someone must know–let me see what I can dig up? BSaint: Enjoy it while it lasts–Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone-

  8. Oh, BB — Let It Ride is the film that *always* plays at the end of the Betting Blind from Belmont Bus trip! After a full day of races, plenty of libation, and Umberto’s pizza, plenty of libation, and a sing-a-long with the opening credits, the acting seems fine, the plot is inspired, and it caps a perfect day nicely.

  9. I don’t think Denman was ever a race caller at Haileah, at least not a regular one anyway. Tom Durkin was there in the 80’s, than I think Vic Stauffer and in the end Frank Mirahmadi , who ironically does a great impression of Denman and actually subsituted for Denman out in Hollywood and called the races as if he was Denman.

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