Sunday super-quickie recap

As expected, there was a lot of movement in our Brooklyn Backstretch Road to the Roses League yesterday. I’ve begun my descent to the bottom, and Superfecta’s Sleipnir Stables has vaulted to the top.

Thanks to Brian’s previews and recaps, I probably know more about Derby hopefuls this year than I have any other year—but I’m still not seeing that horse that’s capturing my imagination, my heart. I like Old Fashioned, but I thought it was pretty cool that some relative unknown at 56 – 1 ran him down in the stretch. It’s a nice story that Friesan Fire has won all three preps at the Fair Grounds—it’s a good story, and my recent visit to New Orleans left me a particular affinity for horses that run there, and I’m pleased when the track gets attention. Maybe he’ll be my Derby horse?

I love that hometown Musket Man is racking up the victories at Tampa, and his run up the outside today was pretty exciting. I had a hard time, though, with Richard Grunder’s call—if everything from the first hoofbeat to the nose under the wire is called at the same high pitch, it’s hard to get a sense of when something noteworthy is happening. The Tampa Bay Derby was a great race, and it deserved a more nuanced call.

Not much to say about the San Felipe; Pioneerof The Nile ran a pretty good race and looked great doing so, but I’m so tired of seeing his name spell wrong—er, right—that I’m already dreading his next start.

So below are the standings as of Saturday evening, and I’ll check back later in the week with any updates.

Posting may be light/erratic over the next couple of days; I’m heading out on another Brooklyn Backstretch road trip, this time for points south, with upcoming reports from a couple of Ocala farms, the sales, Gulfstream, and possibly Tampa Bay, if I can squeeze it in. But by that point in the trip, I may just be at the beach.

1 Sleipnir Stables
2 The Aspiring Horseplayer Redux
3 Grevelis Racing Stable
4 Big Dreams Stable
5 RivaSecBar
5 Blake Griffin For President
7 Vision Stable
7 zf
9 TripleDeadHeat
10 BrooklynSaint Stables
11 Triple Crown73 Stable
12 Brooklyn Backstretch
13 Green but Game Stables
13 New Jersey Derek
15 FoolishPleasure
16 starkravingmad
17 On the Lead
18 Raceland

9 thoughts on “Sunday super-quickie recap

  1. Thought the same thing about the Grunder call–he needs to listen to tapes of Brooklyn’s own (and fellow Fordham University grad) Vince Scully on how to use pitch, excitement and pace. Different sport but same idea.

  2. I know what you mean- I usually have a horse that I am in love with by this time of year, one that I follow obsessively towards the Derby, whereas this year I’ve kind of been like, “Hmmm, yeah, everyone is running pretty great… should be a good year… wonder when Zenyatta will make her first start this year?” This year, I’ve been more interested in what the amazing fillies and mares are doing than the three year old boys.

  3. I knew my sharing the top spot in the standings would be short lived, lol! I really needed Flying Pegasus and Giant Oak to run better for me yesterday. Oh well, we continue on!

  4. Thanks for checking in, folks.SS: Durkin, Denman, Collmus–all great models within his own sport. And generally I like Grunder–not sure what happened on Saturday.Alykat: Right there with you on the fillies and mares. Maybe I just wont have a Derby horse this year. On to the Acorn!Elizabeth: You and me both.Linda: I knew you’d be psyched. =)Jessica: Thanks. I thought that the plague I contracted was going to force me to forego the trip…but I’m hoping that a little sunshine and warm weather will kick it for good.

  5. If you guys remember correctly, I predicted I would not do well this year. Working 90+ hours a week, I don’t even know who won Saturday let alone in the past weeks and I’m lucky if I remember to check who’s running on Friday so I can update my activated horses! Even my poor new doggie bearly knows her new “mommy”! Maybe I will figure out whose running in time for the Derby, lol.

  6. Trip–didn’t know you had a new dog! Congrats! And I won’t believe that you won’t win until you don’t. You’re just too darn sneaky good…

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