Road to the Roses update

As an anonymous commenter noted, Backstretch handicapper Brian nailed the Arkansas Derby, picking Papa Clem for the win; he didn’t do too badly in the Blue Grass, either, observing of second place finisher Hold Me back, “Formidable and due a ton of respect.” Can you give me the Derby winner, Brian? Please? He’ll offer a recap of last weekend’s races in a day or two.

After exhorting those I knew to make sure to remember to choose a supplemental horse last weekend, guess who forgot to choose one? Yep. Quality Road finally gets nominated, and I forget to add him. Excellent. With nine of my thirteen horses and one of my trainers off the Derby trail, I expect my current mid-pack standing to plummet in the next few weeks.

Our group donation is up to $180, thanks to contributions by those in first, second, seventh, eighth, and tenth places, and one donor who’s not even playing the game. That is really impressive, folks—thank you!

1 Sleipnir Stables
2 Triple Crown73 Stable
3 The Aspiring Horseplayer Redux
4 Grevelis Racing Stable
5 Big Dreams Stable
6 TripleDeadHeat
7 RivaSecBar
8 Vision Stable
9 Brooklyn Backstretch
10 New Jersey Derek
11 Blake Griffin For President
11 Green but Game Stables
13 zf
14 BrooklynSaint Stables
15 FoolishPleasure
16 starkravingmad
17 On the Lead
18 Raceland

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