A little racing, a little hockey

Rangers’ fan, racing fan, and photographer Ian Lozada has found a unique way to link our favorite sports, all for a good cause. Having heeded the exhortation to show his support for his team by growing a playoff beard, Ian is joining his personal Blueshirts’ cause to the Belmont Child Care Association, and while he gives me credit for at least some of the idea on his website, the whole thing is really his conception and his baby—especially the beard part.

From his site:

Basically, what we’re asking you to do is pledge a small amount, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, a dollar for each day that the Rangers stay in the playoffs (which started on Wednesday, April 15th). Since the Rangers won their first two games, your minimum commitment is twelve days, and your maximum commitment (and unfortunately for me, very unlikely– we’re seeded 7th of 8 teams in the Eastern Conference) would be to June 15th (or 62 days).

He’s also offering a free two-hour photo session this spring to any Kentucky- or New York-based brides who pledge, and the person who makes the largest pledge will get a print of Ian’s photo of General Quarters winning the Blue Grass. You can check out the photo at his site.

Those interested in pledging can go to Ian’s site or contact him at ian@ianlozada.com. Ian, you can put me down for $2 a day.

Unfortunately, if the Rangers play the way they did Monday night, not a whole lot of cash is going to make it to the children of Anna House. I have not believed in this team all season, not when they sprinted to the division lead last fall, not when they flashed ability and cohesiveness occasionally through the season. But come on—they win two playoff games? On the road? Against Ovechkin and the #2 seed in the East? Even I, whose doubting would put Thomas to shame, began to believe, to hope…

And then I went to Monday’s game, and there on the ice, in front of 18,200 frenzied fans, was that team that I’ve watched all year, mediocre, disappointing. The refs didn’t help, and we’re still up 2-1 with another game at home…but cynicism is back.

At least until about 7 pm on Wednesday…

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