And the winner is…

Well, it’s over: the Kentucky Derby is behind us, and with it, the 2009 Road to the Roses Brooklyn Backstretch charity contest. Congratulations to Sleipnir Stables, who kept her lead over the last few weeks. Please let us know where you’d like the money donated.

A total of $200 has been donated so far, and several of you have expressed an interest in adding to that total. If so, contact me at the e-mail address to the left.

Of the thirteen horses in my stable, only three ran in the Derby, and they finished 11th, 14th, and 18th. If I’d have remembered to add Quality Road as my second supplement, I’d have ended up with three runners out of fourteen. Clearly, I did not choose well.

Thanks, very much, to everyone who played and who donated. See you in 2010; below, our complete order of finish.

And a huge thank you to Brian Nadeau, for his incredible contributions over the last few months. I knew more about the Derby horses this year than any other year, thanks to him (not that it did me any good), and I’m hopeful that the end of the Derby trail doesn’t mean the end of his presence at Brooklyn Backstretch.

1 Sleipnir Stables
2 The Aspiring Horseplayer Redux
3 Triple Crown73 Stable
4 Grevelis Racing Stable
5 RivaSecBar
5 TripleDeadHeat
7 Vision Stable
8 Big Dreams Stable
9 Brooklyn Backstretch
10 Green but Game Stables
11 Blake Griffin For President
12 New Jersey Derek
13 FoolishPleasure
14 BrooklynSaint Stables
15 zf
16 starkravingmad
17 On the Lead
18 Raceland

6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Congratulations Lisa! And congratulations to everyone who participated. Had fun playing again this year; looking forward to next year!

  2. Don’t forget, Lisa, to let us know where you want the money to go. Another donation came in today, and we’re up to $225. Woo-hoo!Thanks again for playing, everyone–Knight Sky, we got you next year!

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