We interrupt…

……our regularly scheduled program to bring you this unabashed plea.

We were recently discovered in someone’s back yard in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We have two siblings who are still there, with our mom, but we were smart enough to realize that letting ourselves get caught could be a pretty good deal.

On Wednesday, we were scooped up and brought to a temporary home, where we were examined by a vet and tested for FIV and FLV—both of us got a clean bill of health. Yesterday, Teresa picked us up and brought us to her apartment. We have a room to ourselves (though we kind of like being out there with her and the other cats), with a blanket and tons of food.

I’m a girl, and I’m a fairly adventurous sort. I seldom stop moving, and when Teresa put me on the couch with her, I really, really wanted to jump off…but it was kind of high up, and I chickened out. I sort of pretend-hiss when she comes close, but I’m really faking it, and I’m glad that she didn’t fall for it, because I got to fall asleep in her lap.

I’m a boy, and I haven’t stopped eating since I got here. I’m a little more timid than my sister, but I really like humans. I purred in Teresa’s lap for a long time, and I’ve already fallen asleep on her three times. I have tried several times to jump in to the tub, but I can’t quite get my front paws over the side, so I gave up. Teresa has already said that because I have long hair, she’s going to call me Furlong. (Get it?)

We really like it here and would be quite happy to stay forever, but we understand (sort of) that Teresa’s already got two cats, and her apartment’s not that big. (Though, between you and me, we’re pretty sure that she’d keep us without needing too much convincing.) We use the litter and eat canned food, and we are not at all intimidated or frightened of bigger cats.

The person who took care of us before Teresa brought us home has paid for vet visits and tests, so there will be an adoption fee, but Teresa has told us that she’s willing to negotiate so that we can have a good home. We’d really like to stay together, but we understand that that might not be possible.

And if you have any other suggestions for names, let us know! We’re not all that crazy about being called “Kitty.”

On another note: this afternoon we’ll begin a regular new feature at Brooklyn Backstretch, Brian’s look at the $250,000 $350,000 guaranteed Saturday late Pick 4 at Belmont. It makes him happy because he likes to handicap; it makes me happy because I don’t have to feel guilty about not wanting to handicap; and it makes, I’m sure, the sponsors happy (note big banner ad at the top of the page–though they will likely not be quite as happy when they realize that I’ve mis-plugged their product).

His analysis will be up each Friday through the end of the Belmont meet. Look for it later today.

3 thoughts on “We interrupt…

  1. Teresa has already said that because I have long hair, she’s going to call me Furlong. (Get it?) __________________Got it.And THEY'RE adorable.How are Floyd & Madison taking to the "invaders" ?Correcting myself on the contraction.I can't afford to go to Mr. Woodman's office for detention today.

  2. Oh, yes, Sid, they are! I am already terribly attached. TKS: Madison and Floyd are freaked out in a very curious, timid way–they run from the kittens! The kittens are totally unfazed.Hilarious.And yes…they're adorable!

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