One more week

One more week. One week from today, and Saratoga Racecourse opens for the 2009 racing season. I can’t wait.

While far from in full high season fervor, Saratoga is buzzing—all over town, homeowners are busily emptying closets and drawers and cupboards, to prepare for the seasonal renters who are packing and sorting and asking themselves, “OK, how many pairs of shoes do I really need for six weeks?” (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Over at the Oklahoma, another time of seasonal rental is getting itself ready; some of the stalls already have residents securely ensconced in them; others are awaiting the arrival of their equine denizens..

…still others have a little unpacking to do.

On a quiet walk around the grounds, I discovered for the first time this memorial—now, I want to know more about the men who are honored here.

The Oklahoma track is a little quieter now that the main track has opened; there was quite a line in the seven furlong chute, as horses waited mostly patiently for their turn to break from the gate.

The little track is open, too, and one lone horse was making his way around it; this is perhaps my favorite Saratoga sight, a horse jogging or galloping under the trees, away from the frenetic atmosphere of the main track.

We’ll make use of this sign a little later in the week, when we kick off the Brooklyn Backstretch summer charity contest—info to come this weekend.

A week from today, these empty seats will be filled, and Tom Durkin will lead us into the inaugural “They’re off…at Saratoga!” for 2009. Just seven more days…

10 thoughts on “One more week

  1. there's more to life and summer than going to the track every day for 6 weeks, you should get out more often

  2. First off, I think you should seriously revise your anonymous comment policy.Dickwads aside, I'm really looking forward to it too! Although I'm getting a little concerned about the weather, which is looking more and more like a repeat of last year's opening week.

  3. I agree with Dana's first point!Every year I tell myself that I'm going out there again and life continues to get in the way. I really need to make it a point to fixate on a weekend next year and go!No place like it in American racing. I like Del Mar, but give me Saratoga any day.

  4. Wow. What is up with the snarky comment? Why would someone bother to come to your blog site and then post something nasty like that? I'm with Dana and Ted; if someone won't use their name, the heck with them.

  5. great pics reminded me that i haven't been there in 10 years — and miss it….too much baseball this year to make it again, but keep pics coming for those like me to live vicariously!hey — what's up karen!

  6. Anon: Thanks for the tip, but fear not–I have no intention of going to the track every day for six weeks. There's no racing on Tuesdays.Happy that I'll get to see so many of the rest of you up there before too long…and sorry that I'll miss those who can't make it. Libby: probably not making it to the Haskell…but I am so glad to see you back–I've been wondering where and how you are. Welcome back!

  7. I see the giveaway tent is up already. Such memories. I got my a Spa tee-shirt on my first ever trip there. And it still fits after all these years. And I'm trying very hard to squeeze a weekend in this year. I suppose the ushers will be wearing the traditional Spa red attire again. They're the loveliest ladies in the Adirondacks. 😉

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