Dear Racing Santa

Dear Racing Santa,

With just a few days left before you head out on the big worldwide trek, I figured that it was time that I got my list in to you.

I know that you’ve got an awful lot to think about, and there should be plenty of people before me on your list, but I think that I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, and I really hope that you don’t have some of those elves out there in the mountains of Kentucky extracting lumps coal to deliver to me next week.

So, if you and the elves have any room in that big sack of yours, here are a few of the things that I’d really like under my tree this year:

For New York lawmakers to get their acts together, put their egos aside, and do what needs to be done to approve a VLT operator for Aqueduct.

For editors to respond to/acknowledge freelance pitches, if only with a form letter saying “no.”

For Allen Jerkens to get a stakes winner or two in his barn.

For Old Friends at Cabin Creek to be as successful as Old Friends in Kentucky.

For the Kittens to win.

For racing fans to continue to support so many worthwhile racing charities, such the Belmont Child Care Association, Old Friends, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, ReRun, CANTER, and Backstretch Employees Service Team.

For the Daily News and the New York Post to keep covering racing daily, and for all great turf writers out there—affiliated and non-affiliated—to keep the good stuff coming.

For the horses to run swiftly and come home safely, every time.

For racing in 2010 to be even half as interesting and exciting as it was in 2009.

Thanks, Santa.

3 thoughts on “Dear Racing Santa

  1. The weather was COLD but the feelings were WARM today at Cabin Creek's Open House. A good time by all, including 20 year old Thunder Rumble with his new friends !

  2. Santa wonders, Professor, what have you got against multi-race wagers? You won't need me if you spread your earnings out a bit. Besides, your gift came last spring: Furlong and Ruffian!

  3. Anon: Thanks for that update. So wish that I could have been there…My favorite Jewish Santa: I have nothing against multi-race wagers, except my own lack of confidence in them. But hey–stay tuned for the New Year's Racing Resolutions post, and maybe they'll play a part.Ruffian has been replaced by Imp…but you so rightly point out what a 2009 gift they have been…

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