Racing Resolutions, 2010

Happy new year! We wake up this morning looking forward to a fine day of racing to kick off the new year, a day on which all the horses get a year older, and a day on which I hope that you christen your racing year propitiously and profitably.

I’ll be spending my New Year’s Day 2010 at Calder at the Tropical Park Derby (with a Cat and a Kitten racing, how could I resist?). But first, the Brooklyn Backstretch Racing Resolutions for 2010:

–After years of encouragement by Ernie Munick, I resolve to make at least one multi-race wager a month. He needs to let me know whether doubles count, or if the bets need to be a minimum of a Pick 3.

–I resolve to keep betting cat horses. I’ve almost certainly got a negative ROI on these bets, but it’s sure exciting when they win, especially at long odds. And, hey, the kittens ended the Saratoga meet profitably…

–I resolve to handicap seriously at least one race a month. Seriously: for one race, throw out the usual strategies of hunch bets and favorite trainers, and seriously, dispassionately observe past performances and draw conclusions. (Resolutions are supposed to be hard, right?)

–I resolve, after two consecutive summer aborted attempts, to make it to Colonial Downs. Year 1 was cancelled because a travel partner bailed; Year 2 because of the kittens’ arrival. Year 3: pre-Saratoga, I’ll be there for at least one weekend.

I don’t believe that I made any racing resolutions last year, but a quick look at them from 2008 reveals mixed results. I do get over bad beats faster (it’s been weeks since I’ve moaned about barely missing the superfecta in the Breeders’ Cup Mile), and I am slightly—only slightly—less sentimental than I was then. But earlier this week, I made a bet—or a series of bets—on a race, and while I cashed one of the tickets, the payout didn’t cover the investment. Must, must, MUST stop doing that.

And you? What are your racing resolutions for 2010?

Best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, peaceful 2010—see you at the races!

10 thoughts on “Racing Resolutions, 2010

  1. I'll never be a handicapper – I leave that to my husband – and I'll continue to pick my horses in the paddock, or when I see a particularly wonderful workout that tells me how happy a horse is(Tapitsfly, anyone?).So this year I resolve to take new people to the track, show them how much fun it can be – way more fun than a casino! – and hook some new fans to our

  2. Minimum P3.Now I get to drown in my guilt as you lose more than you ever have – UNTIL you hit your first P3!P4 is the best.Read the experts on how to play; I just feel around in my compulsive glory.

  3. Natalie,Don't sell yourself short. Picking horses in the paddock is most definitely a form of handicapping.Your resolution is great, though. I shall make it one of mine as well!

  4. Ms. Backstretch wrote–I resolve to handicap seriously at least one race a month. ———————-Just once a month?Why not the Race of the Week? We've got Quality Road in The Hal's Hope at Gulfstream and it's free to play. And the score is definitely kept. Out of my very own pocket I am generously offering bloggers $100 cyberdollars to utilize in these pools: WPS – exacta – trifecta. else am I going to get a chance to advertise to devoted bloggers? On Twitter? 😀

  5. Hi,I've been to Colonial downs. It is a pretty nice venue, nice turf course. I'd love to meet some of my fellow racing fans and bloggers. Let me know when you are planning a trip. Jared

  6. This time of year, with a Buffalo winter still to live through, I pick races to travel to as my resolution. I had planned to go to the Wood Memorial but it's a day before Easter this year, so a week later I'm going to Oaklawn for the first time and seeing the Arkansas Derby. It's important to have things to look forward too, and I look forward to going to a race later this year with horses whose names I may not even know and see them compete for glory. Happy New Year Brooklyn and brood.

  7. I resolve to pick more cat horses. Frankly, hunch betting is way underrated. In fact, I'm going to do an entire Trips&Traps episode focusing only on horses with cat names. Hell, Eric has cats, so I'm sure he'll be all for it.I'm sure we can also get Ernie to do one of his amazing racetrack videos based solely on cat horses.2010…..the year of the cat.

  8. Union Square: Like Ed, I'm jumping on your bandwagon and adding that to my list of resolutions. And thanks for the link to your farm–looks great!E: Wait wait wait–I have to READ? Study? I can't just pick three consecutive races with cat horses in them? TKS: Time, my friend, time–will never find time to handicap a race a week + write + teach + take care of cats + go to Rangers' games. I hope that I can stick to this once a month commitment. But I will check out your contest.Jared: likely end of June/early June. Stay tuned! Linda: See you there…with Jared. Turk: I'm sorry that you won't be at the Wood, and envious of your OP trip. Andy: I think that it's the mark of a good handicapper to be flexible and open to new approaches; I applaud your decision. And if you want me to come out and consult or make a guest appearance, I'm sure that I can free up my schedule.Happy new year, everyone–

  9. Does hunch betting include checking to see if the horse in question has nicely muscled hindquarters before placing your bet?T: Promises, promises. When I see you standing at the gates of Colonial Downs I'll believe it 😉

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