6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day…

  1. Happy Valentine's Day Teresa, that's a great card! Feb 14 is a special day for another reason too, it's Evening Attire's birthday! Happy 12th Birthday Attire!! We miss you in the barn and on the track!! 🙂

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you Teresa and your furry felines!We have been buried in over four feet of snow and had a hard time mustering up any kind of special love of the day. It has felt more like a Stephen King novel set in the bucolic horsey countryside of northern Virgina. Actually, Lenny Hale stopped by on Sunday and showered Red with peppermints. Lenny didn't realize it was V-Day, he was just happy to have finally made it off of his farm. Red, on the other hand, er, hoof, knew it was Feb 14th and galdly accepted the red & white treats!

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