Road to the Roses update

Looks like we’ve had some new stables join the Brooklyn Backstretch charity league—welcome! And congrats to all who earned points in last week’s races. Full league standings are below.

Our Road to the Roses SNAFU has been resolved, and it appears that much of the problem was not, in fact, an RttR technical problem. So—apologies for my snarky comments about the situation last week. That said—Road to the Roses isn’t so great about their correspondence, and if it were, perhaps we might have been able to resolve all of this a little sooner.

Don’t forget: this week you can add three supplemental horses to your stable. I fear that the horses that I’m adding are the same ones that everyone else is, so I don’t imagine that their addition will do me a lot of good in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in or pledged money to the charity pot. Contact me at the e-mail address to the left if you’re interested in contributing.

A while back, Backstretch friend Ted Grevelis wrote about the latest horse in his partnership, a four-year-old gray filly named Tabby Lane. He suggested that even though she’s out of state, Tabby might make the feline picks when she made her first start for her owners.

My trip upstate meant that I forgot to add Tabby to the picks on Saturday—but not, fortunately, that I forgot to bet her, as Tabby won by more than three lengths, paying $10.40. Those winnings, and the imaginary feline profit, will be added to the donation that will be made in the name of our favorite tabby. And I hope to meet the equine Tabby in person at Tampa Bay in a couple of weeks.

Congrats, Ted and Tabby!

1 HoosYourDaddy
2 Dream On Stable
2 Bourbon Bliss Barn
4 Kelso’s Kennel
5 Green but Game Stable
6 FoolishPleasure
7 Matador
8 Mersch Stable
10 Chestnut Bay Stable
11 Brooklyn Backstretch
12 Sleipnir Stables
13 Jenny’s Picks
14 Kingsbury I
15 TripleDeadHeat
16 Superterrific Stable
17 SaratogaSpa1
18 One Never Nose Stables
19 Birdstone
20 Silver Stables
21 Fan of Tiznow Stable
22 Rubber Soul Racing
23 NJDerek’s Stable
24 Sassy Hounds
25 Lookin at Winnin’ Stable
26 Alpha Barn
26 TiznowTizthen Stable
28 JRT Racing
29 Rockingham Park Redux
29 easy goer
31 Brooklyn Saint Stables
32 BSquared Stable
32 Caballos Especiales

3 thoughts on “Road to the Roses update

  1. I kind of feel the way you do: my supplementals will only keep me treading water, not gaining any ground. I wish I had a real sleeper, but I'm pretty chalky. Could be because there appears to be an even spread of contenders.Thanks for the mention re: Tabby. She ran a nice one – better than we even hoped. We'll see what's up next for her in the next few weeks! Feed her a carrot or peppermint from me when you see her!

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