Checking in on charity

So here we are, April 29th.  Two days to the Kentucky Derby; two days to the end of the Road to the Roses Backstretch Charity League; two days until the end of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation hay drive.

Our league table is posted below, and it appears that HoosYourDaddy is going to wire the field and get to choose a racing charity as the recipient of our donations.  Then again…Derby upsets are myriad, and perhaps we’ll have one here.  Recent changes to the Derby lineup have wrought havoc with my stable.  Of my fifteen horses, four fell off the Derby trail; four were injured, one died, and six are starting. 

Our donation is up to $200, and thanks so much to everyone who chipped in.  If you’re still interested in donating, you’ve got a few days left, and you contact me by clicking on the “About me” tab at the top of the page. 

On May 1st, Derby day, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation hay drive comes to an end.  The TRF uses 600 bales of hay a day to feed the 1,200 horses in its care.  You can donate at the TRF website, or if you text “support haydrive” to 20222, you’ll make a $5 donation, which equals one bale of hay.  The goal is 60,000 bales. 

It’s been a busy week on the Derby front, and now it’s time to settle down, make picks, and enjoy the show.  Brian Nadeau will be here tomorrow with his serious handicapping; I’ll join in with this year’s Brooklyn Backstretch hunch bets.  Good luck! 

1        HoosYourDaddy

2        Bourbon Bliss Barn

3        Dream On Stable

4        Green but Game Stable

5        Kelso’s Kennel

6        Matador

7        Brooklyn Backstretch

8        GRS

8        Kingsbury I

10      Chestnut Bay Stable

11      Mersch Stable

12      SaratogaSpa1

12      Sassy Hounds

14      Sleipnir Stables

15      Superterrific Stable

16      Jenny’s Picks

17      FoolishPleasure

18      One Never Nose Stables

19      Fan of Tiznow Stable

20      Lookin at Winnin’ Stable

21      Birdstone

22      TripleDeadHeat

23      JRT Racing 

24      TiznowTizthen Stable

25      NJDerek’s Stable

26      Rubber Soul Racing

27      Silver Stables

27      Alpha Barn

29      Rockingham Park Redux

30      Brooklyn Saint Stables

31      easy goer

32      Caballos Especiales

33      BSquared Stable

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