Wednesday morning quick picks from the Spa

I was quick to criticize the stewards’ report of July 29 for its rather mind-numbing obviousness, so here is their next foray, from August 1:

RACE 4 – Steward’s Inquiry into the stretch run, involving #7 Six Flings (V. Santiago) and #3 Mine Over Matter (K. Desormeaux). In the judgment of the stewards, the contact between #7 and #3 in the vicinity of the 1/8 pole did not alter the finish of the race. The race is Official as is. NYSRWB Rule 4035.2
4035.2. Foul riding penalized.
(a) When clear, a horse may be taken to any part of the course provided that crossing or weaving in front of contenders may constitute interference or intimidation for which the offender may be disciplined.
(b) A horse crossing another may be disqualified, if in the judgment of the stewards, it interferes with, impedes or intimidates another horse, or the foul altered the finish of the race, regardless of whether the foul was accidental, willful, or the result of careless riding. The stewards may also take into consideration mitigating factors, such as whether the impeded horse was partly at fault or the crossing was wholly caused by the fault of some other horse or jockey.

Particularly useful, I think, is the inclusion of the rule in question. Stewards’ calls will often be subjective matters, and these reports will likely not alter whether one agrees or disagrees about the effect of a horse’s or jockey’s actions. It’s nice to see the stewards taking steps to improve the quality and usefulness of their reports.

A few items from the Belmont Child Care Association:

The organization’s major fundraiser is coming up on August 25th here in Saratoga, at the Gideon Putnam. If you’re interesting in volunteering, we could use some help in checking people in and registering them for the auction. Those who thrive in hectic situations most welcome!

The BCCA is auctioning off a special evening at a Kentucky Wildcats’ game. The game is on Friday, November 30, against Boston College, and the package includes two seats behind the player’s bench, and the opportunity for two children to shoot around with the team and be ball boys or girls. Children must be under the age of 12 years, and they’ll receive an autographed basketball. It’s a pricy evening, but benefits the children of Anna House.

And this Saturday is the Fasig-Tipton 5K to benefit New York backstretch charities, including the Belmont Child Care Association, the Backstretch Education Fund, Backstretch Employees Service Team, and the Racetrack Chaplaincy. I have long since abandoned hope of matching my last year’s time in this race, and as last year, several people donated to the BCCA in the amount of finishing time, I figure that this year, the slower I go, the more good I’ll do.

Some photos from the first 10 days of the meet:

Blame preparing for this Saturday's Whitney

Note: he does carry a stick.

Chantal Sutherland finished second on Essence Hit Man in the Amsterdam, but the talk of the race were these silks

In Saratoga, horses literally stop traffic, and they always have the right of way.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday morning quick picks from the Spa

  1. Teresa, I’ve been off Monday and today (Wed.), but as of the above ruling, I had off-handedly asked/confirmed with Dave Grening that the stewards haven’t changed an order of finish since their mandate to provide explanations. Clearly this one was their biggest test. I wonder if they’re a little “explanation-shy.”

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