Are we having fun yet?

Following a terrific weekend of racing, we get this:

#EastCoastHorseRacingIndustry cheated greatest race mare in history outta #HOY. She shd run where she is loved.

And this:

Racing tweeps jumped the proverbial shark this weekend. We’re all now just a non-stop cliche squaking cliche box. Ish is faded. Break time.

And this:

“What is it? Everybody’s afraid to beat (Todd) Pletcher?” Ryan asked of Quality Road’s trainer. “They’re afraid they’ll never ride for him again. I can’t believe it. Instead of running a proper race, they’re sucking (up) to Pletcher.”


I’d kind of like to weigh in on the “Quality Road isn’t the horse we thought he was” discussion.  And maybe on the “Rachel Alexander SO didn’t deserve HOTY” discussion.  I think that I would likely stay out of the “sucking up to Todd Pletcher” discussion.

But really, most of my distress is spent these days on the Daily Racing Form site, and I’m not sure that I have any left to spare on the deplorable state of racing as evidenced by last weekend’s performances.

Oh, DRF!  Where are your tweets?  Why am I no longer getting tweets from @drfinsidepost, so that I know when Mike Welsch is posting from Calder and when Dave Litfin is posting from Saratoga?  (Wait–why isn’t Mike Welsch tweeting from Calder anymore? Can I blame that on the new site, too?)

Why isn’t the DRF posting links on Twitter when new stories go up, so that maybe I can actually FIND the news for which I search in vain on the new site?

I LOVE that Steve Crist’s blog now offers the option to read comments in “most recent” or “oldest” first format…but when I choose “oldest first”…it just refreshes with the most recent comment on top.  I am sad.

So, I’m going to leave it to the others to duke it out over whether the other jockeys and trainers in the race really wanted Todd Pletcher to win, or whether Quality Road is just another mediocre handicap horse, or whether those of us who happen to live on the East Coast really did, in one fell, well-orchestrated, conspiratorial swoop create the greatest injustice in racing history.

Me, I’m just going to try to find David Grening’s article on the best fillies since 1960. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Are we having fun yet?

  1. #Zenyatta #Zenyatta #Zenyatta #Zenyatta

    Totally taking the bait here…if you added together Zenyatta’s 2009 and 2010 campaign thus far, it’s still not enough to better what Rachel accomplished in 2009.

    I have a bad feeling we won’t see either filly at the BC.

  2. You aren’t allowed to be frustrated you get to spend the entire meet upstate.

    Consider yourself fortunate to not participate in the DRF blog discussions. I used to read those and weight in once in a while but, wow, the people that post in there are so frustrating. Just to be sure, I went in for the QR day to see what everyone thought of his race. I don’t think I saw one person give Blame and Al Stall credit. If you compare paper on QR and Blame, you could really make a strong case that Blame owned the better form going into the race. Not going to crucify Johnny either. They should hold replay watching tutorials at the track to inform people of what they are watching. Johnny rode QR very hard he asked him, The only knock was he looked around more than I’ve ever seen him do. Pretty sure thats not why the horse got beat. For Blame to gamely overcome those fractions with a horse like QR loose on those fractions tells me exactly who the best horse in the country is. Its not Zenyatta, Rachel or QR. I look forward to seeing the best horse in the country run in the Jockey Club Gold Cup.

    Regarding the new DRF site, I had the misfortune of visiting my parents the day they rolled out the new website. Talk about painful.

  3. Oh, Keith, you just had to, didn’t you?

    DRS: Your first sentence makes a completely excellent point. But I do miss the Twitter notifications of the DRF InsidePost blogs–no comments allowed, just little tidbits from the tracks.

  4. OK I’ll keep my mouth shut on the whole HOY issue except to say I generally agree with Keith, I have an uneasy feeling about the BC, and I am getting tired of hearing the whole conspiracy theory over and over!

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