The weekend in pictures

Ah, holiday weekends!  Not sure what the justification is behind making Columbus Day a major holiday, but given the chance at a three-day weekend…I’ll take it.

As usual, I spent Saturday at Belmont, where there were three Grade 1 races on tap: the Jamaica, the Frizette, and the Champagne. On Sunday I headed for points south, for a terrific day of racing sightseeing with Kevin Martin of Colin’s Ghost. Having had the chance to play, in some small part, Saratoga host for him, this time I got to be the guest, he the tour guide, and we hit a number of high points in Maryland’s racing history–though, unfortunately, they are all defunct at this point.  A bad sign of things to come?

Jamaica winner Prince Will I Am. Look at that face!

After winning the Frizette, A Z Warrior gets a drink from assistant trainer Tonja Terranova

Uncle Mo, Champagne winner

Wooden bridge from backstretch to training track at defunct Bowie course

We visited the Belair Stable Museum, on the site of William Woodward's Belair Stud, which produced Triple Crown winners Gallant Fox and Omaha, along with many other stakes winners

Stable area, Belair Stable Museum

Clubhouse at defunct Havre de Grace course, now used by the Maryland National Guard

Got gas next to this guy in New Jersey

Definitely the Sunday highlight: seeing old warrior Spooky Mulder happy in his Maryland retirement home. Much more on him to follow...

6 thoughts on “The weekend in pictures

  1. Great to see the pics from the roadtrip. You have to elaborate more on Spooky Mulder!

    I have been wondering how he’s been since leaving the track. As I understood he went Scott Lake’s family farm. For those X-Files fans he had a sister of Samantha Mulder and yes a relative named properly The Smoking Man, too.

    Spooky at the Big A from 2006:

  2. Spooky post coming up! If not this week, early next…and yes, that race was one I intended to include.

    He started out at the farm of Lake’s mother-in-law, and now lives with on the farm of a woman who’s good friends with the mother-in-law. He looks terrific, and is full of energy and personality.

    And…I have never seen an episode of the X-Files.

  3. I recently read a book about the Woodwards called “This Crazy Thing Called Love” so I found your pictures from Belair especially poignant considering the greatness of its heyday. When Woodward Jr. was killed by his wife, Mrs. Woodward Sr. didn’t waste time selling off the stud farm. It was her late husband’s passion, not hers, and maybe she was happy to be rid of it once her son was gone. As important as Thoroughbred bloodlines are for passing on great qualities and perpetuating the sport, I believe human bloodlines are also important to pass along the passion that keeps places like Belair alive. It’s very hard to do in these times.

  4. When I visited the Museum, Russell told me how great the animosity was between Anne & Elsie Woodward. Seems there was some shrubbery that Anne ordered removed from the Stables area, when Elsie found out she ordered the landscapers to replace the same exact shrubs ASAP. I think Anne was barred from Belair after this stunt.
    The Museum wasnt finished just yet when I went in 1998, but still breathtakingly beautiful as is the Mansion with all of the paintings of all their horses. A must see !!!!!

  5. Found these comments searching my grandfather, Bart Sweeney & his charges Gallant Fox, Omaha, Fighting Fox, Granville, Nashua and Bold Ruler. He started out in Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons’ groom in 1927 and became his right hand man until his death in 1957. My father, Bart III spent his life on the track too, hanging around the barn, asst. Starter and finally Paddock & Patrol judge with the
    New York Racing Association. They lived through racing’s heyday and I caught the end of it in the 70s and early 80s. My father remembered when his father got the call that Mrs Woodward had shot mister W. He drove with his father to the estate in the night.
    Thank you for all the great research. It gives me chills and I pass on the family history to my kids. Can’t wait to Visit The Belair Stud. Keep up the great work Teresa! Matt Sweeney Sr.

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