NYRA by the numbers, post-NYB OTB

Certainly, there are a number of variables to consider, but here’s a quick glance at NYRA’s numbers today compared to the last two Wednesdays of racing.  There was no racing last Wednesday because of bad weather, and no racing on this day (second Wednesday after Thanksgiving) last year.


Wednesday, 11/17: 2013

Wednesday, 11/24: 2,016

Today:  2,651

On track handle

Wednesday, 11/17: $498,589

Wednesday, 11/24:  $536, 508

Today: $483,325

Intra-state handle

Wednesday, 11/17: $1,350,714

Wednesday, 11/24:  $1,624,266

Today: $862,361

Inter-state handle

Wednesday, 11/17: $3,858,945

Wednesday, 11/24: $4,376,347

Today: $4,040,287

Will be interesting how those numbers might be affected once word gets out today about the State Racing & Wagering Board’s “emergency action” to change the procedures for enrolling in phone and internet wagering programs, making it easier and faster for customers to sign up.

Update: According to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board, in order to stream its own races on its own website, NYRA would need to get approval to do this from an OTB (emphasis obviously mine).  Without OTB approval, the Legislature would have to change the law in order to authorize it.

In other words, wait until hell freezes over. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Update #2: According to NYRA, 56 new NYRA Rewards accounts were opened last Friday through Monday; 61 were opened on Wednesday.  Numbers were not available for Tuesday.

Update #3: Thanks to Tweeter @puntking for posting the link to this interesting development, about a meeting next week to discuss merging New York State’s regional OTB’s into one entity.

5 thoughts on “NYRA by the numbers, post-NYB OTB

  1. Trying to compare the process for signing up for another OTB account vs. process for signing up with NYRA, but can’t find details of new OTB process.

    And yes, that would have been logical. Going to get in touch and see what, if any, plans are for that.

  2. I think we can expect freefall and chaos to rule the day until the new Governor, Senate (under GOP rule) and Assembly are sworn in on New Years Day. As far as today’s numbers go, interesting how turnstiles are up (like WAY UP for a cold Wed before the Holidays on the Inner)but on-track handle was down (the OTB crowd are $1 Boxers if ever there was one), but the Intra number is the one that sticks out and is a real problem. I am told by one who has worked in Cuomo’s AG office he will be a good Governor for the NY horse racing industry. We really have to hope this is the case. And after my brief phone conversation with the State Racing/Wagering Board earlier today all I can say is I do not expect to see them take any type of leadership position in this perplexing situation.

  3. Especially after Wednesday:

    The demise of Off-Track Betting (at least as we have known it) in New York in the short term is going to have some serious detriments, given the amount of handle that is wagered at OTB (though if NYRA can get one-third of that handle on-track and/or through NYRA Rewards, then it won’t hurt nearly as much since NYRA would not have to share as much outside of the state’s cut). That said, if anything good comes out of the OTB shutdown (besides some of the arcane laws that forbid live streaming and so forth in New York State finally being dropped so NYRA and other in-state tracks can more fairly compete with out-of-state wagering services), perhaps it will be that NYRA will finally be able to really reduce winter dates:

    The days of having to run 95 days between December 1 and April 1 (or April 30) is very much outdated, and in an era of horse shortages needs to change. Monmouth Park proved people want to bet big fields, and with that in mind, if NYRA needs to run in the winter to keep horsemen who can’t afford to ship elsewhere and come back in the spring in the mix, this is the kind of schedule I’d be looking at for the winter of 2011-’12:

    December 2011 (up to the Christmas break): Racing stays on the main track up to the Christmas break (in a change from recent seasons), but with racing cut to four days a week, Thursday through Sunday. First post would be 1:00 PM on Thursdays and Fridays as part of an overall change to where even after racing returns to Aqueduct in late October/early November, first post remains at 1:00 PM on weekdays with cards cut from nine races to eight during the week. Weekends would be 10 races with first post at Noon. December 18 would be the last day of racing before the Christmas break.

    After the Christmas Break into January 2012: There would be eight consecutive days of racing from December 26, 2011-January 2, 2012. All cards during this period would be 10 race programs with first post at Noon daily. After January 2, racing would be on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY for the rest of January, plus racing on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 16). These would also be 10 race programs with first post at Noon until it stays light out late enough to add an 11th race to such programs. Mondays would be held as a reserve day if racing has to be canceled on Saturday or Sunday (except Monday 1/16 since there would be racing that day, with Tuesday 1/17 the reserve day that weekend) and such canceled card carried over in its entirety under such circumstance.

    February and March 2012: Racing is four days a week on a Thursday-Sunday basis, plus Monday, February 20 (Presidents Day). First post throughout would be 1:00 PM on weekdays and Noon on weekends. There would be eight races on weekday programs throughout and 11 race programs on weekends through Monday 2/20, the lone exception to that being nine races on Super Bowl Sunday (2/6/’12). The last weekend in February and first two weekends in March would have 12 race programs on Saturdays and Sundays, with the final two Saturdays then going to 13 races while Sundays remain at 12 races. The four-day race week (eight Thursdays/Fridays, 1:00 PM first post and then a noon post with 13 on Saturdays and 12 on Sundays) could then continue through the end of the Aqueduct main track season in April.

    Obviously, the focus on racing in this version would be on weekends with many more races on Saturdays and Sundays as opposed to during the week, as Monmouth showed how successful that can be this past summer.

    Just the thoughts of a fellow native New Yorker (who is able to see NYRA races streamed live because of living outside New York State).

  4. BrooklynSaint: if today is any indication, things will be moving before Cuomo takes office. Of course, nothing’s done yet, but there seems to be an awful lot in the works.

    Walt: I’m not going to address your prodigiously detailed plan, except for one point: 10 and 11 race cards through the winter at Aqueduct is about the closest thing to unbearable that I can think of. They’re tough to take at Saratoga in the summer…but February in Ozone Park? No, thank you.

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