Partnership possibility

Some of you may remember that in October of 2009, I wrote about Pappy’s Double H, the three-year-old Birdstone gelding who died on the track at Belmont in the last race on Jockey Club Gold day. In following up on the story, I spoke with Pappy’s owner, Lois Engel of Pucker Ridge Racing; their story is here.

Devastated by the loss of Pappy, Lois shortly thereafter purchased a Macho Uno colt.  The colt belonged to a client and had been born at Lois’  farm the previous year; he’d been “orphaned” when he had to be taken away from his mother who was trying to kill him.  Lois surprised her trainer, David Prine, with the news that she purchased the colt, with whom he had fallen in love the year before when he was working with him to socialize him with other horses for the first time.  Lois asked David to name the colt; he chose Cypress Hills Kid in honor of the Brooklyn neighborhood in which he grew up.

That colt is now an unraced three-year-old, and remembering the expressions of encouragement and sympathy that readers expressed here after Pappy’s death, Lois asked if I’d be interested in posting a partnership opportunity here. Given how touched I was by the incident, I agreed to. I will not be participating in the partnership, nor is Lois compensating me in any way for posting this.

A 10% ownership share of Cypress Hills Kid will require an intial investment of $2,000, which will include training costs through February 15, 2011. Owners will then be responsible for monthly training costs as of February 15, 2011. Monthly training costs will average $300 per month per 10% share.  Owners will receive their appropriate ownership percentage of Cypress Hills Kid’s winnings.  Minimum ownership will be in 5% increments. Cypress Hills Kid will be heading to Belmont no later than February 15th, 2011.   All owners will be required to obtain a New York State owner’s license.  For further information and/or questions, please contact Lois directly at  Lois_Engel[at]hotmail[dot]com or 516 752-7978.

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