Comparing the ads

Earlier this week, I posted on Twitter and Facebook the ad below for this year’s Belmont Stakes. I wrote, “I love this ad. And I know that it’s stuff like this that makes non-New Yorkers hate us…but I still love it.”

The responses to the ad were all favorable…perhaps because those who don’t like it didn’t bother to reply?

Among my favorite responses came from @abbyalger on Twitter, inspiring this post.

I couldn’t find a comparable ad for the Kentucky Derby…if you know of one, please pass it on.

Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Comparing the ads

  1. I suggested that the Belmont adopt Topthorn and Joey as mascots and their class act would completely erase the memory of Kegasus for us!

  2. I love the Belmont Stakes ad. I think it’s perfect for NY. To live up to the “Greatest City” image, we do not need gimmicks. Just something smarter, classier, & all out better than anyone else’s!!!!!

  3. That ad is much better than last year’s which said “Don’t Miss a New York Tradition” and featured info in the guaranteed pools. It was a fine ad for racing fans but it ran in the mainstream, which doesn’t know or care about guaranteed pools. I have a pic of last year’s on my phone I can email you if you like!

    But back to the point, this ad speaks directly to the NYC mentality (aka, we’re gonna kick your ass!).

  4. Ha, I just realized the NYRA banner on your site is all about the guaranteed pools, and it’s reaching the right audience! I’m glad to see NYRA doing a better job messaging to the appropriate audiences.

  5. Love the ad, Crisp, clean bright and the words are all New York! Close your eyes and you can picture it said with a proud New York accent.

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