Dear Racing Santa…

It is, I recognize, a little late for a Christmas list…but I hope not too late for racing Santa take a look and maybe, just maybe, make my Christmas wishes come true.

I think that I’ve been a pretty good girl this year; oh, yes, there have been some naughty moments, but surely, far more nice ones?  Surely, Santa won’t see fit to put coal in my racing stocking this year.

So, Santa, if you’re not too busy packing your sleigh and if you’ve got room in there for a few more packages, here’s what I’d like for Christmas this year:

— For every racehorse to be guaranteed a safe, productive life when its racing days are over.

— For every backstretch worker to have access to adequate housing, pay, and medical care.

— For all of the parties interested in making policy about Lasix – the Jockey Club, the American Graded Stakes Committee, the Breeders’ Cup, trainers, owners, and breeders – to sit down and talk TO each other, instead of AT each other, and to work together to create thoughtful, humane policy, instead of strident, self-interested declarations.

— For racing to figure out how to be profitable without relying on slot machines for revenue.

— For more people to realize what a great game racing is and to come to the track to see for themselves.

— For the great stories of racing’s past to continue to be told.

— For all of them, humans and horses, to come home safely, every time.

It’s not too much to ask, is it, Racing Santa?

And what would you like to find under your racing tree this Christmas?

7 thoughts on “Dear Racing Santa…

  1. I can’t think of a single thing to add unless Racing Santa FINALLY decides to bring me that pony I’ve been asking for since I was 10 😉

  2. Please Santa, how about a deserving Triple Crown winner. I know I’m being selfish but a couple of five figure trifectas would be nice, and finding that elusive Whirlaway maiden race program would be swell.

  3. Love your list and can’t think of much else to add. It seems that the attention on OTTB’s has really increased this year in the social media I read, so that’s great.

    I guess similar to Linda, I might just add that if Santa wanted to bring me an OTTB PLUS a trainer to help me bring him/her along as a dressage & trails partner, I would be happy to accept!

  4. Everything on this is well thought out.

    The lasix issue in particular needs to be addressed in a way that would help everyone. Phasing Lasix out of the sport to me seems to be critical for the long-term health of the sport.

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