Weathering the storm: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue Recovers from Isaac

Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue is no stranger to adversity. As a non-profit operating on a shoestring in Loxahatchee, Florida, it has faced budget shortfalls and unexpected expenses; it has responded on short notice to requests to save horses. Once, it set out to rescue 25 horses and ended up with nearly seven times that many.

But nothing prepared Pure Thoughts’ founders, Jennifer Swanson and Brad Gaver, for what happened on August 26, when the remnants of Hurricane Isaac paid a visit.

“We had NO IDEA we would be hit like this,” wrote Swanson on her Facebook page. “[We] have opened doors to…stalls so horses can try and find high ground. Hay room and hay has (sic) been wiped out, completely flooded all the hay is ruined.”

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2 thoughts on “Weathering the storm: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue Recovers from Isaac

  1. Teresa,
    Having been through similar devastation on a much smaller scale with my own horses and farm after Tropical storm Allison I certainly sympathize with these folks. I posted a link to your Forbes article on LinkedIn to hopefully draw some more attention. God bless these people for what they do.

    Thank you,

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