The $10 million mare: Havre de Grace makes history

The lights dimmed, and projected on the screen at the front of the auditorium were her finest moments. Her talent was extolled, her accomplishments enumerated.  A hushed, rapt crowd sat expectantly, and as the leggy brunette prepared to make her entrance, the auctioneer intoned, “Ladies and gentlemen, we present Havre de Grace.”

The 5-year-old bay mare stepped into the ring as easily and confidently as she stepped onto the racetrack and into the winner’s circle, and the show began. Seven minutes later, she walked out of the ring having made history.

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One thought on “The $10 million mare: Havre de Grace makes history

  1. Another great post. I am happy Grace is staying in the US and am looking forward to seeing her babies on the track. How fun would it be to someday (2017 maybe?) see a Rachel baby, a Zenyatta baby and an HDG baby meet up on the track!

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