NYRA’s Skorton: “Given what’s at stake, we’re moving as fast we can”

At a hastily called meeting April 29, the New York Racing Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to install an interim management team, effective May 1.

The interim management team is comprised of three people all currently working in executive positions at NYRA: Glen Kozak, vice-president of facilities and racing surfaces; David O’Rourke, vice-president of corporate development; and Susanne Stover, senior vice-president of corporate development.

A year ago this week, president and CEO Charles Hayward was dismissed after a series of e-mails revealed that he had been aware of the sunset clause in a take-out hike, yet had failed to lower take-out rates as required by statute. Chief operating officer Ellen McClain was subsequently named president; she resigned earlier this year, and her resignation takes effect on April 30.

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