Who do you like? Betting the 2013 Preakness

While no one would suggest that making money on the Kentucky Derby is an easy proposition, at least the big field offers a variety of ways in which to cash a juicy ticket. The Preakness, on the other hand, offers a different kind of wagering challenge. Orb, this year’s Kentucky Derby winner, is the morning line even-money favorite, and not a few handicappers think that he’ll go off at even lower odds than that, which is going to make it hard to wager on him and make a profit.

As a gambler, what do you do? Look for ways to use him in conjunction with other contenders? Try to beat him with a horse with longer odds? And what about that Triple Crown angle—do you root for Orb to win and go to Belmont with a chance to make racing history at the same that you bet against him so that you can cash a bigger ticket?

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