Equine Excitement, Paradise Lost, & A Win for the Queen

This year’s Royal Ascot meeting got off to rather a racy beginning when it opened on Tuesday afternoon at the renowned racecourse in Berkshire, England. Not racy in the sense of horses running on the track—racy in the NSFW way, if looking at equine erections is something frowned upon in your workplace.

On opening day in the Queen Anne Stakes, the opening race of this much-anticipated meeting, Animal Kingdom was set to become the first Kentucky Derby winner in 77 years to run at Royal Ascot. The storyline was perfect: the horse was coming off a decisive win in the Dubai World Cup in March, the first U.S.-based horse to win the race since 2009, and only the second Kentucky Derby to do so. He was the betting favorite. He is trained by English ex-pat Graham Motion, one of the few people in racing about whom no one, apparently, has anything bad to say.

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3 thoughts on “Equine Excitement, Paradise Lost, & A Win for the Queen

  1. Mr. Irwin and his staff ought to have been prepared for such a natural, understandable event as Animal Kingdom’s studishness. Vicks Vap-O-Rub (with nothing more pharmaceutically potent than menthol, I believe) is an old standby.

  2. Or, in other words, is Mr. Irwin trying to preserve his famous horse’s stud value from those who would knock Animal Kingdom as a lucky aberration that couldn’t handle the Ascot “off” course and competition? Stud value has become so much more valuable than purse earnings and sporting acumen, nothing so much as a clever take on AK’s shenanigans would surprise me.

  3. Don’t know, Marshall. Whatever the reason, the performance was certainly uncharacteristic, and a shame that it’s the one he goes out on, after such impressive performances earlier in his career.

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