“She’s Given Us Incredible Joy”: Alabama Diary with Edward Stanco

Saturday, August 17, 6:31 am, barn 62, Oklahoma training facility

Ed Stanco is at Todd Pletcher’s barn with his son Adam and Adam’s wife Kate. Mike Tyburski, a long-time Stanco friend and a partner in King of Prussia Stable, is there, too.

“There’s nothing more to say, really,” says Stanco, petting Princess of Sylmar. “Marty Kelly [another partner], I’ve known for 30 years. The other guys, we’ve known each other at least 10 or 12 years. We’ve all been in together.”

The filly is basking in the attention, resting her head on Stanco’s shoulder, nudging him when he gets distracted from petting her. “What a ham,” he says.

As someone notes that the excitement builds, Tyburski chimes in. “Oh, boy, does it ever,” he says.

“Because it’s all been so much fun,” says Stanco, “but now everyone in the world knows about her…There’s my man!” he says, greeting one of Pletcher’s employees.

Ed Stanco and Princess of Sylmar. One of these is not nervous. Photo by Teresa Genaro.

“Now,” he says, turning back to the horse, “it’s up to you.”

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