Saratoga Memories

As Allen Jerkens made his way out of the winner’s circle on Monday afternoon, he was unable to go more than a few steps without being stopped by fans who wanted their picture taken with him.

His eyes still red from the tears he couldn’t hold back as he was applauded by Saratoga’s crowd, standing in pouring rain, he accommodated every request. Many came from parents, who asked if he’d stand with their children as they took the photograph.

His Go Unbridled had just won the Saratoga Dew Stakes for the second year in a row; it was his first winner of the meet, and for another summer, Jerkens would go home to Belmont without the dreaded duck. His emotions got the best of him as he walked to the winner’s circle and heard the cheers, not for his 6-year-old mare, but for him, now 84, still winning races at Saratoga.

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