Equine Camille Claudel Looks For Some Sculpture Of Her Own

“…those close to Camille…witnessed her fiery temperament, her tendency to dominate, her caustic wit and, later, the terrifying violence of her strange, eccentric and provocative character, as well as her legendary, savage gift for mockery…” –Musée Rodin

Gifted, tempestuous, and headstrong, sculptor Camille Claudel shared a life and her art with Auguste Rodin for 10 years, despite his longstanding relationship with Rose Beuret, the mother of his son and the woman he lived with until his death.

“From 1882, when they first met, until 1892, when they parted, Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin would enjoy neither peace nor stability,” continues the text at the Musée Rodin.

Camille Claudel. What better to name a filly by Broken Vow out of Charming Ruckus?

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