Can A Big Screen “Change Racing Forever”?

Racing fans that pulled the Kentucky Derby/Preakness infield double were treated on both days to stupendously beautiful weather, a range of high- and low-end hospitality offerings (and behavior), and terrific racing. Preakness infield denizens were treated to concerts by Lorde and a handful of other musical acts, but if the Churchill Downs infield crowd didn’t have a Grammy-winning singer to entertain them, they did have something the fans at Pimlico didn’t: a great view of the races.

Customers at this year’s Kentucky Derby—and not just those in the infield, but those with a seat pretty much anywhere at Churchill Downs—had an unprecedented view of the action, thanks to the $12 million screen installed by Panasonic earlier this year. Most racetracks boast an infield screen that shows the races live, but resolution is often low-tech and views are pretty much limited to those in the clubhouse or grandstand right across from the screen’s location. Those screens resemble the board at Churchill Downs like a Matchbox toy car resembles a Maserati.

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2 thoughts on “Can A Big Screen “Change Racing Forever”?

  1. Now, if only Saratoga would upgrade that ancient “big screen” in the back yard to the right of the Big R Spring.

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